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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When the not-so-Brats meet - Rendezvous with Ernest & Aki

Last Thursday Brat meets with other brats from the blogosphere. Well, sorta-brat-like.

I met with AKI BORNEO and ERNEST!!! How cool was that!

Ernest: *cough *cough
Brat: Still not well yet?
Ernest: I'm good for two hours. 
Aki: (patting Ernest's back #bromance)

That sweet guy Ernest fell sick that day, and even so, he said he was "excited" to meet us and so he willed himself to be okay just to meet us! He even brought along his meds!

Poor sweet Ernest
Since Ernest felt guilty for bailing on me during my Raya Open House and also he felt guilty for not being able to date Aki at MidValley (#bromance) and also probably the fact that both me and Aki are broke, he bought us our dinner that night at New York New York Deli, One Utama. Here's what we ate.

Ernest: Why didn't you take the pictures before we ate?
Brat: Because I forgot.
Aki: .... (focus on eating)

Since I had never eaten there, It was a feast for me! The food was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Definitely going back there (when I have some $$$ to spend).

Oh that aside, I gave them BOTH the presents for my give-away already! Here's them with their gifts!

What Brat Thought about these Two~

According to Aki, he did not talk much. Well, even though he IS much milder in person compared to his blog, I have to beg to differ from that.

Does this look like someone who "did not talk much" to you? 
Aki: It was THIIISSS big!
Ernest: Really???

Being the only girl-Brat, I felt really left out~
oh~ their mocking faces~~ 
Ok, I lied. lols. There's no such thing as being "left out". Despite a very teenage feel coming from his cartoons, Ernest is definitely an adult. He converse with ease and delegate the conversation almost equally between us. Like the Ernest he portrayed in his cartoon, he is like the solid core to the ground for other people. It kinda felt secure and safe to be around him - even when he's not feeling too well. But, really. I have to say this:

"Ernest the cartoon DO NOT give enough credit to the real Ernest."

A picture to prove I was there with him XD.
According to himself, he's boring, and not as crazy. I dunno about the crazy part (although there's no way to live with a bunch of crazy friends for 10 years and not become crazy as well) but he's definitely opposite of boring. I would say Ernest is  VERY interesting. 

Well, Aki definitely do not fall short from the crazy and interesting part as well. You can tell by his blog, how his mind work - definitely not a straight line either. I guess since our birthdays are only 1 day apart from each other (excluding the year) We kinda resonate each other. He's like the guy version of me, only a lot less cuter. ahahah~ 

The glinting eyes tells it all~
The big difference between us is, (aside from gender) Aki is more of an observer and I'm more of a communicator. He learns through observing, and I learn through communicating. (Well, it's kinda hard to stop my mouth from running when it starts opening and I had never really been too observant as well.) So when you first meet him, you might have an impression that he's introvert. But trust me, give him some time, and you won't have to talk much anymore - coz he'll be doing that all by himself. :p 
Excited Aki and macho Ernest
All in all, it was a very enjoyable dinner. Both of them are lovely companions to have. "Awkward silence" is a term that is non-existent when you are with this two. 

Ernest, Aki, I love joooo!! ahaa~

From the brat,

p/s: Sorry for the low quality pics. I only used my 2.0 mp handphone camera.


  1. nice. you meet up with many diff bloggers. perhaps i should do that as well instead of just staying in the comfort zone by going with the same group only

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  2. whoots! nice gathering with the blogger ya! =D

  3.'s always nice to meet fellow bloggers

  4. wah.. like reviewing the bloggers ah.. lol.. i've yet to meet Ernest..
    eh 1 UTAMA? Y NO INVITE MEH? *grumble*

    eh, dinner again la.. this time, FOUR of us? Facebook me! :P



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