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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovey Dovey Tuesday: Forever(s) make me cry....

I found this somewhere on the net years ago... Fell in love instantly with the picture, as well as the wordings. Maybe because I feel it so close to my heart.

So today, I'm gonna talk a bit about heartbreaks. Who hasn't felt it? I guess at least once, at any one point of our lives, we are bound to knock our head, skinned our knees, and break our hearts a bit, I've had my fair share as well, and I know how painful it is.

I remember the days went so blurry, I almost forgot I had any other feelings apart from sadness. Every other song in the radio was somehow twisted by me to fit my situation. I felt like crying, but even so, I kept going on with a smile on my face. When there's no one around me, I started to cry again, and I keep saying how I hated the person who made me cry so, and yet I know from the bottom of my heart that I don't. Yup, I was definitely pathetic. What's worst is that I started to hate myself. I hate the person that I've become to. I became ever so cautious with every other person that approaches me. I become skeptic, I don't want to trust my heart to anyone anymore. Then eventually I started to get tired.

I was lucky. My parents nurtured me in the way that the harder it gets, the stronger I become. They loved me so much that I know, for them at least, I have to love myself more. And thus slowly, I pick up whatever piece of my heart that is left and mend it...

On the brighter side of it all. Thanks to those heartbreaks I've felt, I become much wiser, and much more stronger. I learn to take life at it's brightest and never let the darkness take over me. I learn more about myself, and learn to never take life for granted. Sure, life is never perfect, but it's the thing that makes it all worthwhile :)

Well, I might be still a bit too cautious with putting my heart on my sleeves, but at least, I'm not keeping it on a chain. Yes, heartbreaks are horrible, and if possible I never ever want to experience it again, but I'm not closing my heart on love.

If I've never experience sadness, then how am I to ever appreciate happiness??

A penny for thoughts, whether you are sad or happy, life will still go on. So why not just live it happily?

just some opinions, from a brat :)



  1. Positive thinking! Great!
    Sometimes you have to pay for lessons :(

  2. heartbreaks happen and it sucks at that point of time. but over time (hard to say how long), it becomes like an adventure when you look back at it.

    "A penny for thoughts, whether you are sad or happy, life will still go on. So why not just live it happily?" ~~> good sharing!

  3. This is BRILLIANT i don'tknow how to tell you thins but you are really really god at conveying emotions and memories into words...I wish I had that kind of talent... :(

  4. glad that u've stand up! well, always learn to protect yourself from getting it again. at least find ways to mend it back :). you are the only one that can heal yourself afterall.



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