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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tee Intellectual Property - Trademark, Copyrights & Patent Expert

Whoever think up such a lame title???

Must be one of my "rare" moments~

But the topic, although lame, is quite important to the people who are brimmed with creativity such as me. Muahahaha~~

Anyway, as a mass communication student majoring in Communication Management and Policy Studies, I could not (which I really wanted to) avoid from learning about intellectual property law. More often than not, these laws will complicate things for me at one time or another. It would be such a hassle to be confronted with lawsuits regarding to this, just because I don't know or don't care not to mention the money it would involve!! *shiver*

For the sake of those who had no idea what I'm talking about, let me explain what is Trademark, Copyright, and Patent. Oh, promise I'll make it simple.
Trademark - Is generally that thing that business people use to identify their product. You know like logos, tagline, pictures, name. So in my case. My cute self is the identity of my blog. Even my name and my header can be put under trademark. Usually they have the (R) mark such as below to indicate that.  
Copyrights - are the most common law being infringe. ANY creative work created can be protected under copyright act. Songs, books, notes, computer programs, etc. - you name it. In my case, ALL my posts can be copyrighted. Everything I wrote, every picture I take and every image or curse word I wrote can be copyrighted - well, maybe. haha. Oh yeah, they have the (C) sign like below. 
Patents - This one in exclusively for inventions. It could be machine, or a process (like how to-s, or designs) or software. You know, things like that. (Okay, I don't really know about this too much) :p
If there's no law on protecting my intellectual right, then how do I stop people from claiming my hard-earned work as their own?

Then I could simply say that I am the real writer of Justin Bieber's "Baby" and sing it till everyone around me run away annoyed.
"Baby, baby, baby ooooo~"

The only problem is, with all the clause and laws I had to memorize and knowledge forced down on me I still have NO IDEA how to get about the first thing to get my Intellectual Property protected.

Here's where Tee IP Sdn Bhd comes in. They help you to get the legal advice needed and be there along the way with you
"We are a Malaysian specialist intellectual property firm. Our qualified Registered Patent Agent,Registered Trade Mark Agent and Registered Industrial Design Agent can help you make the right decisions about your intellectual property assets."
So basically they will help you on matters regarding to Intellectual Property. That includes helping you in understanding the jargons in law that will make your head spin like a spinning top. They promise
  • High Quality Service by Qualified and  Trusted Professional
  • Speedy service and instant feedback
  • Jargon Free
  • No hidden cost
  • Safe and secure
I think Tee IP (Tee Intellectual Property) is THE ANSWER for the protection of your hidden talent, creativity and ideas.

Go check them out yourself. Bet you'd be glad you read this post with such LAME and BORING title. lols~

Sincerely bratty;


  1. A review? Saw many posts on this topic recently.

  2. LOL i cannot handle that JB pic..haha

  3. Good post! I was doing research online on Intellectual Property Law when I came across your very informative blog.



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