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Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Sweat It!!

When I'm sweaty, I get REALLY irritated. I could leash out on the next person who says hi to me just because I'm feeling uncomfortable. Yep, that's how sweat can effect me.

But that's not the worst thing about sweat. It's worst when it comes with body odour. Recent Survey by Rexona found that
  • 65% would often make jokes about their friends’ BO. Except they’re not really joking.
  • 60% would rather hold their breath than tell you.
  • 40% often breathe through their mouth. On dry land.
And yet six out of ten Malaysian do not use deodorant. Why? Because they believe they don't have body odour since they don't sweat that much. Of course, with an air-conditioned work-place, car and home, anyone would think so. BUT they're wrong! DEAD wrong. 

Thanks to Rexona and the Edelman group for inviting me to their event of experimental discovery - where we get to learn the 5 causes of sweat and experiment. Sounds weird? Actually, not at all~ I'll show you.

Oh before that, allow me to introduce to my dashing "date" for the day - my unbelievably chubby-turned-slim-handsome-primary-classmate, Robin Kok. 

Back in school he do not talk much (well, at least with me). But now, I will (most probably) be hearing long lectures from him. (This is a story I will reserve for next time :) ) hehe. I will be featuring him in a lot of the pics. Oh, and sorry for the mediocre quality pics. I forgot to bring my dslr. huhu~

I'm gonna share you 5 situation where you WILL definitely sweat.
#1. Light Movement.

We tried the kinetics game where we actually just used our hands to play bowling. We didn't move that much, but apparently, even so, we still sweat. Means, during working, when we move from one place to another, or just typing or fiddling with our fingers could cause us to sweat. 

Robin Playing Bowling~
We even have a little virtual table tennis fight (no pics) and being the awesome brat that I am, of course I WON. ahahah~

#2. Heat.

Not just sun heat- but also heat from electrical appliance, lamps and etc. 

We took the opportunity to took some polaroid pics!!

Aren't we adorable? lols~

#3. Stress

Yup, we had to confront with stress ALL THE TIME. Stress driving to the office and stuck in the jam, stress finishing our loads of work, stress from NOT having any work. And in all this situations, we sweat. And since I was so stressed out, I just had to try this out!

Yup, fake is what it is~ ahahaha~

#4. Humidity

There's no way to avoid this in our hot-and-humid country. So in other words, there's no way for us NOT to sweat!!!

For this one I had my hand massaged.

Looks familiar? The Vaseline product on the table. Nyahaha~ I even have my date to have a hand massage as well! Apparently, he was the first male to have the hand massage! ahahah~

Pretty Gal~~
Look at his oh-so-happy face being massaged by a pretty gal~ haha

Almost like a date right? (Robin, you so owe me one for this! haha)

#5. Emotions

Fluctuation of emotions will cause us to sweat. Angry, scared, happy, whatever. For this one we were given free tics to watch Dream House.

My take on the movie? Not bad~. It wasn't too much of horror, more like a mystery. But it does have some interesting twist in the story. Only thing is, after the twist, it's pretty much predictable. hoho~ But Daniel Craig is so damn good! He's the kind of guy I won't mind getting old with. Ripen with age I must say! haha. Naomi Watts was beautiful. And their two kids are simply adorable! Not a total lost of money to go watch!.

So, how to prevent body odour? What else? Get yourselves Rexona!! 

I got these for FREE!
Seriously, sometimes, by the end of a long day, my mom will complain that I need a bath (which I agree 100%). But I've tried the product and after a longgg day, my mom didn't say anything. I even ask her if I smell, and she said no. I guess the product works? haha

Anyway, we had a lovely time that day. They need to invite me to more events like this!! Ahaha~ So girls, don't sweat the sweat, wear Rexona!~

Bratty as ever,


  1. Lucky for me, i dun smell when i sweat~ Envy? *blink eyes*

  2. ahaha~ that might be just YOUR opinion~

  3. hey tats so true! My friends all looked at me as if im a weirdo when we went shopping together and i bought Rexona -.-

  4. wow.. nice

  5. my Name is Rexs and I Use REXONA!!.. Ha ha ha.. :-p

  6. @Ms Chinese-characters-I-can't-read, they look at u weird because u r buying a deodorant? My guess is they don't use one?

    @Shii Teck - thanks :)

    @Aki- lols! Word-play! ahaha



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