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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Happiest Moment

It is difficult to choose one happiest moment of all - since I am HAPPY most of the time~ :D

But they say, you never really appreciate what you have till it's gone. And when it's gone, then only you'll realize how happy you really were that time.

So I pick that one moment in time where everything was so light, full of laughter and jokes. That day when we were still looking forward for our future together. That time when it never crossed our mind that it would stop so abruptly. That moment that would forever be hold dear in our hearts.

He's gone now. That person who never fails to bring a smile on my face has been gone for almost half a year.We still very much miss him everyday. He was a friend like no other. I used to cry whenever I think about him. But not anymore, well, not so much. Because I realize, those times we spent together were not unhappy times. It was a wonderful memory to have. 

It was my happiest moment. 

It was one of those moments I wish I could click pause and rewind it again and again so that it would never stop. It was one moment in time, I would never regret for the rest of my life. Now, instead of crying, I'll smile and sometimes laugh whenever I reminisce those days.

To Irsyad, with all the love and prayers ~ Al-Fatihah.

Don't cry because it's over
Smile because it happened :)



  1. I can feel the happiness by looking at your picture only :)

  2. Hey Nana, cute blog u've got here! What a touching post, my heart goes out for u. I'm so sorry for your lost. Hope u'll lead a happier life :) I'm following u now. Looking fwd to sharing! Cheers!

  3. waa u look such have a happy moment is it truee..hahaha...nway wish u happy owezz all the timee...smileee ^_______^

  4. cool! all the best in the contest!

  5. What happened??
    You guys look lik eyou had so much fun, I can't explain it but these pictures really capture the essence. Is he ok?

  6. life is short...appreciate before it's too late

  7. @Simon, we were always happy that time. Times we spent with him was sooo much fun!

    @Blackswan thanks! I am happy. Well, sort off. lols~ But sadness is also a part of life. Without it, we won't be able to appreciate happiness :)

    @wawa yes, I was. Thanks

    @bendan mmg seronok! haha

    @camy, thanks!

    ken :) (speechless? ahaha)

    @Punk - he died off cancer. U can click on the Irsyad tag under the post to know more~ I'd rather not talk about it again. It still tears my eyes up a bit. :)

    @sasuke. ditto to that.



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