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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Type of Smoker Are YOU?

You know, I personally don't hate smokers. But, I REALLLY hate cigarettes. I wish it was never invented in the first place. But since I cannot change that, I hope that people will have manners when it comes to smoking. You know, those who nonchalantly smoke in public endangering the life of ME! how dare them!! those are my WTB (What The Brat??) moments.

Today, Brat decide to suit up and become a health expert.

Basically, there are 5 types of Smokers. I'll list them down and even include a video as an example. Awesome aren't I? Totally expert.

1. The Ambitious Prick

This kind of smokers are usually social smokers. They smoke only to kiss-ass their boss or clients and make themselves look sociable.

2. The Robber

This kind of smoker do not want to show themselves as a smoker, and so they will get a quick puff here and there whenever they can. They basically "rob" the time to smoke and although they think they got away with it, truth is they don't. Coz smoke STINK! and leaves the trail long after you finish.

3. The Misguided Heart

This type are basically the confused, and perhaps a bit demented in their head. They are VERY health conscious. They eat well, do sports regularly BUT they just could not let go off smoking - despite knowing how hazardous it is to their health.

4. The Fashionistas

From clothes to cars to the choice of smokes, it's all about looking good. You won't catch this smokers with a Gudang Garam. they only smoke the most expensive, exclusive brands. Or even if it's just a normal one, it would be like Dunhill - with style.

5. The Aspiring Parents

These are the smokers who go around saying, "when I have kids, I'll stop smoking". The question is, Do They? and an even bigger question is, do they even make it to "having kids"?

Okay, I confess, these are not mine. Although the names are slightly different, the essence of each 5 types are the same as listed by the Champs Circle. Those stop-smoking videos are also made by them. Champs Circle is the first ever socially-engaged smoking cessation website in Malaysia. Pfizer, a leading global pharmaceutical company, is introducing this website,, to help people who want to quit smoking.

The website basically list down the reason, why you should quit, and also tips and information on how to quit smoking. Believe me, there are ALWAYS more reason to quit smoking than to continue it. they even have a calculator to count how much you can save if you put aside your smoking money. Oh, and tests, to see just how addicted are you to smoking!.

Smoking is bad for health - no matter what you smokers say, or think or believe or WANT to believe, that is an undeniable fact.

So be smart! and say NO to smoking.

This Community Message is brought to you by the Brat,


  1. My dad smokes coz of a stressful life when he is young...there is not much entertain or places to go and relax 40 years ago...

  2. Say no to smoke!! It's not fashionable at all esp for girls!



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