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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Malaysian Undiscovered Talents

Quickly, 10 secs, What starts with an M and ends with you partaaaayying all day long with local music talents?





Tetttttt!!! Too late~ 

ahaha~ It's 

Malaysia Music Festival 2011!!

It's gonna be the NEXT BIG HYPE in the TOWN bebeh!! haha. It's happening on 3rd December 2011 at the Cheras Indoor Badminton Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Seriously, this is where you can see those undiscovered talents collaborate with some of THE AWESOMEST local artist like Yuna, Bunkface, Gary, Z-Chen, Victor Wong, Ah Bin, Thomas Jack, Danny One and Gin Lee. Ok honestly, I don't know most of the Chinese artist. But I looked them up and was very surprised to see how AMAZING they are. FANTASTIC I'm telling you!!! 

Do you believe you've got the talent, the skills, the voice, the everything but you just needed to be discovered?



All you have to do is send in your audition video doing what you do best - Sing, Play Music, Dance or just anything and send it in BEFORE 7th October 2011, and the jury will select 20 of you to go through the 2nd round LIVE audition on October, and then 9 of you will be ON STAGE with the artist of YOUR CHOICE!! 

Wanna know more about this? Check out their website and facebook page. 

Oh! and they're also touring campuses for auditions. So checkout this fb page to see where they're heading next!

Think you're one of Malaysian Undiscovered Talents? Grab this chance now!!!!

p/s: I can't wait for 3rd December!


  1. @aki one day, I shall create that sign. but not now~ to lazy to stare at html and stuff~ ahaha

    @Kelvin - I croak more than I sing, I destroy music with my instrument playing and I dance like a chicken. So I guess, I'm not joining? ahahaha~

  2. This is aweSOME!!! Too bad I can't join this year, I hope I'll get the chance to see you though! Are you joining? (reply on my page! Sorry for the inconvenience, i can't get around to everyone)

    p/s: I'm really vibing the layout, nice choice of color xD

  3. nice nice nice! I still havent write my post yet. =X

  4. @Punk Thanks! I kinda like it too! haha

    @xue ren - go write it, quickly! ahahaha~

  5. Wowww Nice 1..i Want CT Nurhaliza eheh..

  6. haiyoo..nana thanks for d info n im surely will choose YUNA!!! hahaha...but xble lah ini final sem suda byk sy berpoya2 jd nyer...xyah lah..hahah

    neway, nana tq soooooooooooooooo much for telling me dat good news bout the top30 tuh..n ur comment is sooo sweet tlg plak promote kn blog sy kat ctuh.hhehe tq ek ^^

  7. @wawa. I don't think Siti will be on the list. but hey, no harm in trying! hehe

    @suzai. yeah! she's awesome aite? Love Yuna too!
    On the me being sweet note, yep, ppl tell me that all the time. Apparently, according to my mom, when she was pregnant with me, she craves sweets, a lot. So that's probably the reason why I'm so sweet. ahahaha~

  8. Ah, you're doing this as well? Seems like you're more into Chinese artists more than I am haha.

    I don't mean to influence. I'm just sharing my opinions =)

    My movie review on The Sorcerer and the White Snake (HK)



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