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Monday, June 13, 2011

My "Secret Garden" dream~~

Maybe some of you didn't know, before brat was a mass communication student, brat was an Architecture student. Due to some circumstances I decided to take my leave and be on my way to something I feel better for me. Let's just keep that boring old story some other time, okay?

Anyway, even though I had long left that area, some of it's influence never left me. I still marvel at different architectural design and sometimes wish I could be the one designing or at least the one who owned it. In terms of houses, brat's preference is more on the modern side. I love those simple, cold design very MUCH! 

Modern houses. Pictures from Google

So, a few days ago, brat did a marathon watching a Korean drama called "Secret Garden". The drama was very enjoyable and you come to love the characters like you always do in Korean dramas. In case you're wondering how I rate this drama, I gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. It was funny, the story line was interesting, the acting is wonderful, the songs are beautiful and it has a great ending as well. Is it a must watch? YES DEFINITELY.

Anyway, what marvels me are the houses in that drama. Since the main character is claustrophobic, the house is a wonder of architecture - seriously. Plus, it is also probably because they are so damn rich that they can afford such houses. 

The exterior
The main hall
The glass bathroom
The cousin's music room

Looking at these pictures, I can't help but think,

Sigh~ I'd have to work super damn hard or find myself a billionaire husband.

The later is somewhat un-reachable. lols. Means, I'm gonna have to work hard or just be content with what I will have. Haisy~~

So, do you guys like modern houses too?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Apparently Brat is too left out on the current trend that I only heard of "preloved" two days ago. Or perhaps it had always been used but the Brat is just too ignorant too care.

For those other ignorant and outdated person(s) like me out there who didn't know what "preloved" is, it is the term used to describe secondhand, previously owned or used items. The term nowadays are commonly used for apparels.

Okay so what's the deal? Apparently my sis had (once again) convinced me to post up some of our preloved clothes for sale. I agreed only because I am able to show off my improved (according to me only) photography skills. Hahah!!

These apparels had only been worn a few times and is in a very good condition. So here u go.

note: I will put in the measurements for the apparels soon. 

 Item code: PL001
Price: RM15
Size: Free

 Item code: PL002
Price: RM15
Size: Free

Item code: PL003
Price: RM 15
Size: Free

Item code: PL004
Price: RM10
Size: Free

Item code: PL005
Price: RM15
Size: Free

Item code: PL006
Price: RM 10
Size: Free

Item code: PL006
Price: RM 10
Size: Free

Item code: PL007
Price: RM 8
Size: Free

Item code: PL008
Price: RM 8
Size: Free

Item code: PL010
Price: RM 25
Size: Free

Item code: PL011
Price: RM 10
Size: Free

All prices excluding postage. Please refer to pictures for prices.

to order, please leave comment. or email my sis at or text her at 010-3423618

penisular: RM5
sabah and sarawak: RM7

reservation only for 2 days.
account number will be given upon request (for serious buyer only).

The post might be incomplete, but feel free to leave a comment for any questions. You can also visit my sister's facebook and ask her yourself :)


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pure Hearts

The Brat have renewed her enthusiasm to learn playing guitar.

No it's not because there were so many songs I wanted to play acoustically but unable to do so without sounding like I'm trying to destroy the song (or the guitar).

No, it's not because of the new strings I got for my guitar that are much MUCH more easier for me to play.
And no, it definitely have got nothing to do with my new young, cute, dashing, friendly and so very damn talented teacher whom I will refer to as "Sensei" in my post from now on (Sensei = Teacher in Japanese).

Sensei Ekung
Although all of that did contribute to me renewing my enthusiasm for learning guitar a dozen times previously, this time, it's because of the Pure Hearts.

Pure Hearts is a group of people who has strong passion for music and charity. They are a band gathered for the purpose of a giving back to the community and helping those in need through the one thing that can unite all, and through the one thing they love the most - music. 

The Pure Hearts (Source)

I know. some of you who are familiar with the term might already be feeling a little bit confused since I am a Muslim. Yes, pure heart is a term that has to do with Christianity and yes, this group do play songs related to and about Christianity but for me music is music. If people can enjoy and some might even love popular songs that glorify the devil or songs that are basically telling you that bad is good, what is wrong with songs that beckons us to believe in God and all things good? It doesn't matter which God you pray to, or what name you call your God. The fundamentals are the same. Just as long as you know where your faith stands, that is enough. Even if you don't believe in any God, then it's alright. You can still enjoy the music. 

Last Tuesday Sensei Ekung (that is his nickname) brought me to one of the band's practice. I had forgotten when was the last time I relaxed and enjoyed myself that way. It is refreshing to see all kinds of people get together, even when they are so busy with their work and their life, to raise funds for charity. What is more refreshing is that all return from the concert are given straight to charity. They take none for themselves.

Me with sensei
In my heart, while I was looking at them singing and playing their music I was praising them for their effort and commitment. In my heart, I thank Allah that in this cold and modern day where people are only out for themselves, there are still people like these people who cares. I longed to be a part of them. But I croak more than I sing and I destroy songs with my guitar playing. So that's why I said, it renewed my resolution. To be able to do something with the music that I loved so much, I just HAVE to be able to play one myself.

All I can do for now is to create this post. These amazing people are doing a charity concert this Friday to raise funds for a school of mentally challenged children. Their tickets are sold at only RM35 but if you feel it in your heart to give more than that, then go ahead and do so. If you are interested, you can leave a comment here with your contact details. And I will get back to you soon.

In my opinion, they sounded great. To prove it to u guys, here's a sneak peak of one of their original song. Excuse my poor camera handling (again).

Hope you enjoyed it!

Adios from the brat

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Munchy's cutie pie that is Koujee~~

Remember my post on "Wazzup!"? Well, you probably don't, so go re-check it! Lol~ Anyways, on that very event I was lucky to met and get to know a cutie pie beatboxer known as Koujee.

He was ranked top4 on Malaysia Beatbox Challenge 2010 and now is the official ambassador for Munchy's and Everlast. Maybe you've seen him in Munchy's ads. You know the geeky beatbox kiddo in its TV ads... What? You don't know?? Here, check it out.

And you might have seen him on an Everlast ad when you walk by Sunway Pyramid 1st floor. Or some other Everlast ads.



Anyway, today yesterday I met him again!! He's as cute and as perky as ever. It's hard not to smile at his little shenanigans.

Munchy's was having its 20th Anniversary at One Utama and there seems to be a lot of things, games and etc are happening there. And I saw a lot of presents given away too! You missed it? Too bad for you! Hahah!

I was there on the sole purpose of supporting Koujee. However, I arrived late and missed the show all together. Not to waste my journey there, I snapped a few flirty poses and pics with Koujee!! lols~

Well, not exactly flirty coz he was REALLY naughty. Lols. But It really was fun meeting him again.

You guys should go and see his beatboxing on his Youtube channel. He's awesome. I was an instant fan. I'll share his latest performance (which I unfortunately missed) with you guys here as soon as Koujee upload it.

His next performance will be at Summit USJ on 12th June 2011. And for those who wants to learn beatboxing, "Master Koujee" will be opening his class soon.

Snapshot from one of his video
 For more info visit his fb page or his website.

In case you are wondering, Yes, I am promoting the cutie pie. XD

Bratty as ever,


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