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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Brat Nana Hood and her Merry-people

Okay, that title is so wrong on so many levels.

But it doesn't change the fact that Brat has now taken up yet another hobby - Archery.

Thanks to I Love Discounts, brat and friends and family had the opportunity to try out Archery at Stars Archery, Sunway Pyramid at a discounted price!

As we enter the place, we were greeted by a very helpful (and rather blur-ish, new) help desk.

First, we were ask to suit up! Oh don't worry, they will assist you with it XD


Alright, all done!! Then, the instructor will teach us one by one how to shoot the arrow the correct way without hurting ourselves, and as accurate as we can.

One of our instructors. Very friendly XD
Next, play time! During my first visit, we each got 25 arrows I used one coupon worth Rm20 for 75 arrows which can be shared up to 3 person.

Second visit, I used two coupon worth the same and since there was 5 of us, we each got 30 arrows.

It is fairly easy to shoot the arrow - once you get the hang of it. But getting it on our target? Well, that's a different matter all-together.
First visit. Epic Fail aiming at number 2 

Well, I did improve on my second visit. So I guess, we just need to get used to it. That one mis-aimed arrow was from my sis. She was at station number two. lols

We had an awesome time there! The instructors were friendly and helpful, the price was affordable and it is definitely addictive. I'm going back for more! Oh yeah, here's the price and specials they have on now.

Go and try it out. Promise it'd be worth it!

Aite, just a short update from the Brat Hood,


  1. still have yet to shoot some arrows yet but i will one day when im too freakin bored lol

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  2. ho ho ho.. If I'm going,I'll be the top scorer.. I'm used to this at school and one of the Sharpshooter Master... But it's just me who don't wanna go to the nation level as I prefer sitting in a room and reading novel.. #totallylie

  3. Waa... looks fun!! Wondering if I could take the bow,is it heavy?? >,<

  4. @tony. go! It will be fun.

    @aki, then u should've join us.

    @Charmaine, actually, I didn't even hit one :p

    @Bendan. Sure can. It's light, and easy to handle. My friend Joyce, (the one in pink) is a lot skinnier and smaller than you!



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