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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brat in full support for CSR!

I had always been in full support for Corporate Social Responsibilities programs. I believe, since these corporate people all gained something (eg: getting insanely rich) by using the community, one way or the other, they have to do their part and give back. Hey, spread around the riches u have a bit, okay!

Recently, I came across this company called JonFactory who sells all those lovely, cute wedding favors.


Anyway, had been very active in giving back to the community through their "Community Welfare" program. Aside from having their presence in various churches, they had also donated groceries to old folk homes. However, JonFactory's newest program in giving their full support towards A.C.T.S. is what caught my attention.
A Call To Serve (A.C.T.S.) is a non-government organization that focuses to help refugees and asylum seekers. Apparently to refugees and asylum seekers from countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Somalia, Malaysia is an attractive destination, because of its advantageous geographical position in the region and relatively stable economy and political environment.

However, the sad truth is, Malaysian Government has some flaws in handling these refugees. (read HERE for more info on that). So, the founder of A.C.T.S after a visit to a refugee camp at a jungle site in 2002, discovered the dire situation of the refugees living there, in makeshift huts, with no drinking water, no proper clothes and poor nutrition. Having seen that, they could not continue to live normally and decided to do something about it.
So A.C.T.S was established  in 2003, in response to the medical needs (which apparently is the major problem) of refugees of all nationalities, ethnicity or religious beliefs. They work in collaboration with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and are recognized as an implementing partner.

A.C.T.S. is such an amazing NGO but it is so low-profile that you are not even able to google it - Yes, I tried. and failed miserably. So when JonFactory decides to take on the task of supporting and spreading the word about this NGO, the Brat raise all hands and legs up to support and agree 100%. I sincerely think this NGO deserves more for what they are doing.

Oh yeah, u guys who's getting married or have some POWER over decision for anyone's wedding ceremony, make sure you head on to and checkout their wedding favors. You will definitely find something that you will fancy and it would DEFINITELY be worth it. Check out these lovely little trinkets if you don't believe me! 

Contact Details of

27-A-B, JALAN 17/45,

Email :
Text : +6012 205 6669

That's it for me now. Brat is taking spreading word about A.C.T.S. as one of my CSR. What about you? Have you done YOUR part?



  1. Too bad most rich are stingy...if not the world will be a much better place already.

  2. sad to say some big local companies do not practice this. and some just do it for reputation purpose. how many actually care? i dunno.

    new post is up; Tee IP



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