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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Koujee Beatbox Classes officially *OPENS (clap, clap, applause!!)

UPDATE: This class is no longer valid. Author is keeping this post alive for the sake of sharing the experience. 

I had always wondered where how did beatboxer make such sounds come out of their mouth. So out of curiosity (and also the enthusiasm to meet the super cute Malaysian Beatboxer) I went to Koujee's Human Beatbox Workshop.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Malaysia's Tiger vs Singapore's Lion

First and foremost I would like to apologize to hardcore, die-hard football fans who was unable to get the tickets to see our football team play that night, because I GOT IT!!!! Muahahahahahaha (EVIL laugh) 
We Were There!!! ~~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

La Maison Maytower Gour-"may" Meal

Okay, I know it's so cheesy and corny and so un-catchy that it's not funny at all. But a brat needs to be what a brat is right? Trying out corny world play is just one of many fun in the brat's backyard. (Okay, I don't really have a backyard).

Anyways, the other day, more precisely, last Monday (25th July 2011) Brat was invited to a Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffet food tasting at La Maison, Maytower Hotel and Serviced Residence. I had Nikel Khor - PaPago kaki to thank for forwarding my name to the organizers.

So my sister, Mimi and I went there with a hungry belly and was ready to EAT! -

Friday, July 22, 2011

100th Day

It's unfortunate, but today is the 100th day that a very good friend of mine went away. Every memory is still very vivid, every smile, every laughter, the fun times and good times we shared. Irsyad was one of a kind.

So for today, I'm posting up a video. I had only been seriously learning how to play guitar for two or three moths. Today, I play my guitar in front of the camera for the first time for him. It might be too amateurish, it might not be perfect, my voice might be a bit too hoarse from flu, and it might even be off key. But I sincerely mean it, I miss him~

"I know you're in better place yeah,
But I wish I could see you face oh,
I know you're where you meant to be
Even though it's not here with me...

I miss you
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear every once in a while
And even though it's different now
You're still here somehow
My heart won't let u go
And I need you to know
I miss you"

Al - Fatihah buat Muhammad Irsyad. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Okay, as much as you would say we are the girl in your dreams, this is not the "Dreamgirls" I have in mind. These are just some pictures we took while waiting before entering the halls for the newest hotest item in town, Dreamgirls Musical Theater. 

Specially licensed from Broadway itself, this hottest sensation that had once be turned into a movie. It is basically about 3 ladies from Chicago who tries to find name and fame in the big city. It's all about celebrating girls' power baby! hehe~

How do I find the theater? AWESOME! I loved the most how they play the stage and change it into different sets and played with angle. Of course the lighting and sounds were exceptionally good too. I sincerely thank my very good friend who invited me to the play, Huzai :)

Me with Huzai holding the official picture book and details of the play.

What was more interesting was the powerful and marvelous voices of the casts. The Original Main casting for the characters are;

Effie White - Elvira Arul and Dina (Singer and performer)
Curtis Taylor Jr. - Tony Eusoff (Celebrity TV and film actor)
Deena Jones - Cheryl Samad (Celebrity TV presenter and host)
Lorrell Robinson - Azura Zainal (Celebrity TV presenter and host)
Michelle Morris - Ruzana Ibrahim (Singer and performer)
C.C White - Dafi (Akademi Fantasia finalist)
Marty Madison - Indi Nadarajah (Celebrity comedian with Comedy Court)
Jimmy "Thunder" Early - Kris Coleman

However, when we went, most of those characters were played by the understudies!! Since I sat at the last row of the uppermost, farthest, last seating, so I barely recognize (or can see) the people playing the roles. Nevertheless they sounded super terrific I tell you! Only later when the main casts went out to sign autographs did we all realized that they were understudies (except for Elvira Arul playing Effie, Tony Eusoff playing Curtis, and Kris Coleman playing Jimmy. ) At first I was disappointed because I wanted to see how our local artists play the roles (like Dafi, Dina and Cheryl) But then I realized, I enjoyed every moment of the play, and it didn't really matter that I don't know who they are. Because they were AWESOME.

Main guy casts during autograph session.
From left: Aaron Khaled understudy playing C.C, Tony Eusoff playing Curtis and Kris Coleman playing Jimmy.

Me with Elvira who did an awesome job with an awesome voice playing Effie.
A friend with Nadrah understudy playing Michelle Morris.
She's a UiTM student too (proud) :)
If the understudies were that good, can you imagine how the good the real casts will sound?? So I am definitely going back!! Anyone wants to join me? I can get cheaper tickets!! XD

The acting-loving brat,

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's WARRR!!!

Lols~ not exactly. The truth is, I was invited along with a bunch of other bloggers to try out the Laser Tag game at ICT, Shah Alam
Entrance - pic credit to Isaactan
The Awesome Person who invited us to the game Elwyn
For those who didn't know, laser tag game is a game where players attempt to score points by tagging targets using an infrared-laser-emitting device. It is somewhat like a paint ball game, where you actually have some kind of a war and you shoot people - only it is painless and instead of paint bullets, we use lasers.

The Gadgets - gun and vests
It was in one word AWESOME!! I hadn't had as much fun in a long while and this had been a clean breathe of fresh air~

We met around 10.30 and we were served breakfast. We ate, but not too much cause afraid we might hurl it out when playing the game.

Pics credit to IsaacTan

We were divided into 4 teams and played a mini tournament. 2 rounds of trying to accumulate points and 1 rounds for the finals. These were my awesome, super awesome teammates~

Me, Mimi, Hezron, Nikel and Rex
Well, we lost - but we had super duper awesome time. Plus, being the awesome brat that I am, I was the top scorer in the team!! Who says a girl can't be the Ace of a war-game team? hahaH!

You can call me Chaos or Nebula now~~

 Here's a sneak peak of how the battlefield looks like~

Awesome Murals on the Battle Arena Walls. Everything was positively glowing

We had fun taking pictures inside too!

Before battle - pic credit to IsaacTan

During battle - pic credit to IsaacTan

Awesomeness~ aight?
So, if you wanna know more? Here you go

Laser Warzone
Unit K-14-1, 

Jalan Multimedia 7/AH,Citypark, 
I-City,shah alam, 
40000 Selangor, Malaysia

Mon - Fri: 1:00 pm-1:00 am
Sat - Sun: 10:00 am-1:00 am

Go there and see for yourselves how awesome the place is!!

Aside from that, I met a whole lotta new people as well as the same awesome bloggers there like Nikel Khor,

Me with Nikel
and also the ever famous blogger (I love his blog) Ken Wooi from Go check him out!

Me n Ken Wooi
and the rest of those 22 awesome people there~
Bloggers and friend :) Pics credit to IsaacTan

That aside, don't you think we'll make an awesome ambassadors for WarZone??

The original background was too bright but the expression on our faces was too good to be wasted~ How about that Ken Wooi? Should we offer ourselves as their ambassador? Lols~~ 

So you guys REALLY shouldn't miss this chance. Go there and see for yourselves how awesome the place is. Btw, a note of advise, do some warming up before playing okay. You might spare yourself the body ache I'm feeling now due to lack of exercise ~ I must have been lazing around more than I thought.

Ah well, alls well, ends well.
The Brat,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How about Each A Cup??

Alright2~ Enough controversies... it's soo... *Yawwwnnnn*. Now to the real deal,

How about treating yourselves Each A Cup?

lols~ I love the weird name.

But what I loved even more is their

Mocha Ice Blended with Pearl Topping~

Simply Scrumptious. Sedap wooo~~ Meleleh ayaq liuq~ hehe.

I always have a thing for mocha blended. But out of all the places I've tried (including Starbucks and Old Town White Coffee), Each A Cup offers the best yet!!

They don't only have Mocha in their menu of course, there's a lot more ranging from tea to coffee to fruits and even milkshake and smoothies. Plus, they only used the finest and the healthiest ingredients for their product. How about that? Not a bad deal huh?

They have such a cute store concept. I loved the feel and look of the whole store. They even have such a cute website!!! Go Check it out -

I only know it now, but apparently they already have numerous of outlets throughout Malaysia. The one I visited was in Wangsa Walk. I happened to work around there for a freelance job in creative writing and happened to drop by. You can see the list of their outlets HERE.

I'm not paid to do this review. I just liked the taste. I haven't strayed you wrong yet did I?  :)

Have a nice day everyday alls,
The Brat,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH, if only you are really CLEAN~~

Yup, another controversial post by the brat, I know, a lot of Bersih supporters will be pissed with my post but I just couldn't keep my thoughts to myself. It felt wrong~~ lols.

I absolutely agree with BERSIH's demand. There should be a better, secure and clean way to how the elections are being held. And ofcourse, dirty politics and corruption shouldn't ever exist. These are the summary of their 8 demands

1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal ballot
3. Use of indelible ink
4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
5. Free and fair access to media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics

However, so far, this is the only point where I saw Bersih as clean. There are too many other factors that made me doubt this rally. This includes my last post. HERE. Stop corruption and dirty politics? Oh please, my mind is shouting corruption and dirty politics all over this rally. The people are not wrong. In fact, I am confident that they are only fighting for what they believe is their right. But the ones who control this rally is the one I have doubts with (especially ALL politicians involved no matter which party they are from).

So today I saw a few videos posted by one of my blogger friend on his facebook. Let me share it with you guys, and I'll go about what I think about it. Take note, I have no problem with this blogger friend of mine. We're cool. And I am not trying to prove anyone right or wrong. I am a blogger, a brat at that. I am merely stating my opinion.

'm sorry that I couldn't understand this. I just don't see the point. Never has, perhaps never will. It just feel like such a waste of time, energy and effort. I mean, why would you spend your Saturday shouting things that perhaps yourself don't understand? I'd rather stay at home with my family. I barely get to meet them on weekdays.Well, I guess to each a different perspective. 

By the way, did you noticed the chants? I thought this was supposed to be a rally to demand better election system? Why did it become a hidup PKR and reformasi thing? That seems to deviate away from the supposedly purpose of Bersih right? Am I wrong or isn't this a propaganda on the opposition side? This is the very reason why I doubted the Bersih rally. I mean, if you want a better, clean, election, then that is what you should be shouting. What is this nonsense then??? Aren't you just being used here? They claimed that BERSIH 2.0, a coalition of like minded civil society organisations unaffiliated to any political party, then why the mention of any political party at all???

So a person replied, 
doesn't matter what they all chanting about right?..when you do/ did something, you must see the effect of that thing, baru2 nie itu projek MRT sudah naik, faham ker? doesn't matter who rule this Msia, as long as the opposition is strong, the Gohmen at least scare to pijak the rakyat, go and google what Taib Mahmood has done to Srawak, do you want the whole Msia to be like that?

Dear Okoshiboshi,
I agree that strong opposition makes the Government better since it make them more careful of their conduct. At least, they know that the people will NEVER stand by them if they abuse their power and they have other seemingly better choice then the current one.  However, the chants DOES matter. chants are a part of propaganda tool. and propaganda is damn annoying. It's like the classical learning theory. people associate one thing with another thing that was actually caused by something else. By purpose or accidental, ppl will start associating the chants they hear and say with the distorted intention/truth For example, while hearing that some party is better than the other, they saw that there are aggression by the local authorities. Without knowing what exactly had happened, people will jump into conclusion. And the conclusion might proven to be the absolute opposite from the truth. On the note of Sarawak, I'll get back to u when I know more about what happened. 

Another person said, 
well, from what i know, it WAS supposedly a rally to demand a better election system. But the government (i guess) tried to stop it by claiming that it's illegal and requesting the polices to control the situation. I guess the police abuses their power and start to arrest people without thinking (eg, ppl wearing yellow without any intention of supporting bersih). things went messy and now a riot is going to happen.. Kind of a backfire to the government..

Dear SiVL92,
exactly. The government has taken the absolutely wrong measures. They should fire their strategist and find a new better, and perhaps younger one. Seriously, by proclaiming the rally as illegal, they are making people more excited to go. If they had just ignored it, it wouldn't have been such a mess. 
On the police note, we don't see or know the whole truth. Is it really without reason? or do you assume it is without reason? I agree that sometimes (or more) police does things that is unwarranted for.  But they are doing their job. They live and feed their family by following orders. If they don't follow orders, and they don't have the job, or something bad happened to them because they do not follow orders, do you want to take care of their family for them? Their work is already twice as hard and twice as dangerous than other people's job, why make it even more difficult when you don't have to? This rally do make things harder for them. I dunno how much, but one thing for sure, I'd be pretty pissed off if I have to work extra hard on a day I should be spending time with my family or for myself.

This another video posted to show police violence

First of all, do they even have proof that the one assaulting the other person is a plain-cloth police? I'm surprised at how easily people make assumptions. Yes, I saw that the assaulter had not been apprehended by the police, but there could be numerous reason for that. It does not necessarily mean that they are plain-cloth police right? Or maybe if he is. Why aren't there anyone from the crowd try to help the person getting beaten? Are they not human??? 

While I was debating on youtube and giving out my views, there is one person who had the NERVE to accuse ME, the BRAT, NanaEddy, as being UMNO supporter. and that is the reason I wrote what I did.

What the heck???? 

If you do not agree with my views, you can just say that you don't. You don't have to make such uneducated (STUPID) accusation just to make me look bad. I am not affiliated to UMNO in anyway. I couldn't care less which party is ruling the country, just as long as I don't feel wronged. I HATE POLITICS the most. You have the nerve accusing ME to be someone who comments based on which party I support? Are you sure you aren't the one doing that??? Please, go get some education, travel or something to broaden up your mind. Such person as you is a DISGRACE. 

Okay, finished blowing some steam off. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions right?

Hey, I'm brat. But one with a damn good head on her shoulder (if I may say so myself).

The Brat with Opinions,

p/s: On the bright side of everything else, BERSIH showed us how the Malaysian could come together as one. It doesn't matter what religion or race you are. What matters is we are Malaysian. Let's try to be proud at it. - I know I am :)

btw, I've read an article written by Ridhuan Tee. I couldn't have said things better than he did. He spoke of the somethings that I was thinking but is so inadequate to explain. Check out his blog. Ridhuan Tee

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yellow is the new Controversy color

I think most of you (Malaysian) know or have heard of the Bersih 2.0 event happening tomorrow (9/7/2011). Personally, I couldn't care less about the event. I do not support it and I do not go against it either. I took the more irresponsible option - Feigning ignorance.

However, I find that as it gets closer, this issue keeps on getting on my nerve. May it be because of the very negative light that the government was forcing on to the event, the useless and intrusive as well as annoying roadblocks the police are announcing to have or the adamant, hard-headed supporters or organizers who just refuse to see that what they are planning to do IS intrusive and annoying to the common rakyat.

I agree that the message Bersih was meant to sent is a good one - and it should be made into practice. but, just like when there's a huge concert or Jom Heboh or F1 or an international football match, it would definitely create MASSIVE traffic jam, and not to mention become something that would inconvenience the people around the area. Events that includes participation from  a lot of people is NEVER without any disturbance/chaos/incident - especially when the emotion runs high.Of course road block is not going to help the situation AT ALL.

On both sides, there are too much propaganda. 

I agree that this kind of even could cause chaos, panic as well as shading a negative light on the country but what's with the over emphasis on BERSIH being KOTOR and those third-rate propaganda-stink ads on TV that makes people even more annoyed? Please, have you never listened to wise people saying? "The greatest pleasure in life is doing things people say you can't do" or "makin dilarang makin menjadi". Please, grow up. The people is already SO SICK of you hogging the mainstream media to yourselves. Ads such as that really won't help. It would just fuel and enrage people more.

On the other side, videos were posted to highlight the Government incompetence/ mistakes or law enforcers making arrest runs around in viral. Ok, so some of the arrest have no basis whatsoever, but what's with video that highlights about "Wawasan 2020" or "Food price increase" or "different PM different slogan" or "Church Bombing" or how BN had been ruling have to do with Bersih's main objective? It makes people wonder isn't this just another tool for the opposition for their benefit? In other words, another propaganda.

I support Bersih's objective, and I think the government should too. But seeing the media play by both sides - mainstream by the government and alternative by the organizers/supporters, I decide that this is just WRONG. Seriously, this is the very reason I proclaimed myself as being ignorant.

This is one of the video that had been moving around the net. The very reason why I was prompted to write this definitely-gong-to-be-provocative post.

I know I'm gonna sound like I am taking the govt side. But I'm not. I'm stating the thoughts I have as I was watching it.

1st, it's weird someone who is claiming to 'love' the country has yet to have an i/c (he said i/c belum bikin)and is using a passport instead and unfortunately I don't quite understand half of what he's saying to be sure of the reason.

2nd, the police were doing their job. People were crowding and cars are slowing down due to the incident and congesting the ever-so-always congested kl street. He's done nothing wrong but the result of his action were intrusive to others.

3rd, The chubby police was wrong for taking the ID when he promised not to do so, but I think that is because his superior or colleague were asking for it. But still he should have stand true to his promise. And he was being too impolite in dealing with the old man (like raising voice and ignoring the old man's rant). The other one was much more calm and that looks a lot better than ignoring or forcing.

Take note that I despise the corruption in law enforcers more than anything else. BUT I also despise people who would not even consider to listen and those who ignores other people hardwork and keeps on pointing out their mistake. Yes, police are swamped with corruption and yes, it needs to be corrected but it is also a fact that they work twice or more harder than any average person. Please just name me one person who is alive now that had NEVER done any mistake. Try to be a bit understanding will you?

Oh my. this has suddenly become a long post. I'll retire now. Sorry if I offend anyone. Oh well~ whether u agree or disagree, this is just another piece of my opinion. 

The long-has-been-ignorant brat with opinion,

Ask me anything


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