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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Red Bratty Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Once upon time, there lived a little Brat who loves to wear red hood. People around there call her Red Bratty Hood, or Brat and sometimes just by her maiden name, Nana.
Little Red Bratty Hood

Somewhere along the way, Brat made friends with the woodcutter who likes to cut a lot of things except wood. Brat still had not figured out why he calls himself as woodcutter, but Brat calls him "Aki" which means "Grandfather" in the language of the Land Below the Wind (Negeri di bawah Bayu)
Aki the Woodcutter

One day, Brat and Aki decided to go and spy the Big Bad Wolf's lair. The wolf had been running rampant and it is up to Brat and Aki to stop him! What's worst, Wolf is gaining more supporters and minions following his order. Brat and Aki decided it's time for him to STOP.
The Big Bad Wolf

When they arrived at the Wolf's lair, they saw there were a lot of people EVERYWHERE. All of them were in some kind of a trance, so Brat and Aki figured, THIS must be the reason why Wolf is getting stronger each day!

And so, they prepared to ATTACK!

But! The Big Bad Wolf made an offer too tempting that they could not reject.

A 75%-95% discounts of ALL books!

They both ended up becoming Wolf's minions instead...

And they still live happily ever after~~~

The End.

I went to the Big Bad Wolf Sale with a vow, to ONLY use RM50. And Aki vowed not to buy anything at all. But with these books on Sale for as low as RM3, and RM8, the temptation was just too much.

 Do you have ANY idea how difficult it was to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING?  
I mean shopaholic series? Nora Roberts? and Mangas??? I almost hyperventilate  bcoz I realize can't buy it. 
The Damage we did~
Aki ended up buying 6 books worth RM 32. Apparently, he can't stop his-number-loving self from buying the Sudoku books, eventhough he managed to wield off other temptations. Each book is only RM3 and he bought two novels for his GF at RM8 each.
Aki's Book
Being the semi-bibliophile that I am there is NO WAY for me to avoid spending more for these absolutely INSANE bargain. I ended up buying 11 books worth RM97.

Of Course I have VERY LEGIT reason why I bought these books.

1st, it practically a CRIME when you see Twilight series being sold at RM8 each and NOT BUY IT! I mean, you're not gonna find any other with prices half as good as that! I even got one with a hard cover binding!

2nd, a girl gotta have her guilty pleasure right? Romance Novels is just one of mine. Shhhhh!! I'm reading!

3rd, honestly, how can you see these series and not buy it??? The elegant cover deserves to be noticed. It's just too beautiful to be ignored. It's the Luxe series. No, I had never heard or read it before. I'll tell you the verdict once I got around to reading it, ok!

4th and last, a food for my soul. This one is a bit more pricey than the other. But at RM15 compared to the real price, I say it's TOTALLY worth it! This one's gonna be my light reading before sleep. They say what you read before you sleep will transform into energy the next day. Since this is a very positive book, let's hope that my everyday is positive too!!

Seriously, I had never been happier being broke than now. At least I've got my books!!!

For more info, you guys can check out their website or their facebook page.

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  1. baru puas hati.. ha ha ha.. apa punya cerita.. :-p..

  2. Awesome! I wonder about stories inside the books with the pretty covers.

  3. @Henry - 97 actually. And Yes, VERY woth it.
    @Aki - tia puas lagi lah~~
    @Azie - di MAEPS, Serdang. Tgk website atau fb utk tau lebih.
    @Cutebun. Me too! But I haven't got time to read it yet~

  4. wish i can go there see see~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. Lol, i was so excited about a new ending of the red riding hood~

  6. I just came back! I bought so many and wanna cry for the cheap prices! Ahhwww.. I didn't saw the twilight books. Where where? =((

  7. Oh my! The twilight series is so cheap. Wish to go and grab the great bargain but it is too far from where i live

  8. @Mr. Lonely, go see!!

    @Kelvin - ehehe. Like it? nyahaha

    @curryegg - got la. it's near the "young adult" section

    @Diana - Too bad. Maybe you can see if they sell it online?

  9. good effort on posting this. too bad i aint so much of a book person lol

    Real Steel movie review

  10. T_T...aku stress tgk seme orang post pasal BBW...nak pegi jugak!!

  11. took an EL last Friday to do my shopping there... quit disappointing cos couldn't find books that I've planned to buy... but managed to find some good books, enough until yr end I hope.. :)



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