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Friday, October 7, 2011

Emotionally tired.

You know that moment when you just feel wrong?

When everything ticks you off.

When small setbacks makes you feel like crying.

When a rejection left you feeling totally dejected.

When all you feel is under appreciated, misunderstood, angry, miserable.

When laughing and smiling and talking feel pointless and fake.

Yes. that is exactly what the Brat is feeling now. I'm tired - emotionally tired.

All I wanna do is scream and yell and get angry and just give up.

All I want to do is disregard everything and anything.

All I want to do is crawl in a cocoon and cry~

Can I?



  1. Go to a place, scream, shout, destroy something, cry and u will be fine:)

  2. Oh hun...of course you ca. Damn, I hate it when other people are feeling sucky...I wish I could do something.

    Try taking a shower, I can't explain why but that usually helps me = )

  3. @Kelvin. Thanks for the suggestion. i would've done just that if I could find the place. Doing it in public might lead to my arrest.

    @Punk Thanks hun. And sorry to make you feel bad. It's okay, I'm fine now. The mood went away after a few hours :)



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