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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lovey Dovey Tuesday: Second Chance

Question: do you believe in second chances?
Answer: yes. Definitely. Humans make mistakes. Most of it are unconscious  People change, circumstance change, time change. What's important is to realize that you made the mistake.

Question: Then why don't you give him chance?
Answer: I did. He's just three years too late to take it. And three million tears too slow to take it back.  I'm no longer in that space where I was waiting for him. I've moved on. I might look back to reminisce that space. But, I'll never go back there. I know what it feels like being there. And I don't want to feel it again. I'm over it.

Question: Then why bother to write this post at all?
Answer: Because I'm tired of repeating myself. I'm just over it. All I feel now is politeness from a long and old friendship. This is safe. This is fine. This is comfortable. Isn't it enough that we can still stay friends? That we can still bump shoulders and laugh about it?

Question: Well, maybe now he has changed. Don't you think he deserves another chance?
Answer: I have no doubt he has. But the thing is, I did too. I'm no longer that teen girl who is filled with romantic dreams and happy ever after. Somewhere along the way, I've found much bigger things I want in life. So many years had passed and gone. Do I believe in a second chance? Yes, "a" second chance. not chances. When you make the same mistake twice, it's no longer a mistake. It's a choice. He made his choice. And I made mine.

Question: Isn't it unfair? You gave him the chance when he was not yet ready for it.
Answer: I suppose, opportunities present itself to you only when you are ready? I suppose trains/bus/airplane will wait for you when you are ready to board? I suppose time will wait for you when you are ready?? No, it never did, never is and never will. Time goes on and goes by without waiting for anyone. Once it passes, you can't do anything to turn it back. I did not exactly decide to leave that space. I just did. But once I did, I decided not to go back. And even if I try, I won't be able to stay long. Because being out of that space feels much better.

Question: If you are so sure, why don't you just give the chance? You won't lose anything. 
Answer: That's where you are wrong. I will lose something. I'll lose time. And I would probably hurt again at the exact same spot it did before. You see, I know him. And more importantly, I know myself. Despite how much we change, I know him. I know for sure he did not know where he was wrong, and more frustrating is he did not feel that he was in the wrong at all. That is fine. I mean, sometimes you just can't see it from other people's perspective. But other people will apologize anyway. For the sake of the friendship we have. For the sake of burying the hatchet. But not him. Never him.That part of him didn't change at all. And I know from there giving him another chance meaning giving him another chance to hurt me. I know myself. despite how much I feel like I don't care, but eventually I will care. And then, I'll get hurt again. This is one choice I prefer not to make.

Question: In short you are just scared?
Answer: Terrified. 

Second chances.... I believe in second chances. Just not sure if everyone deserves it....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am no gamer.
I mean, sure, I like to play video games, and analog games, and some pc games.
But I have never admitted to be a gamer-girl.
Because I never was.

But MAGACON 2012 that happened on 3-4 November 2012. makes me rethink my disposition on this fact. lol. I had sooo much fun and enjoyed all the games I played tremendously that I have no doubt I could and would be addicted to these games given the chance.

Thanks to Nuffnang and Tony Teh, I manage to experience MAGACON for myself. MAGACON is Malaysia Games Convention and a "funfair where Malaysians gather to meet new people and play hundreds of games from all platforms. MaGaCon is Malaysia’s largest games convention that combines the best of both digital and analog worlds."

As a Nuffnager, we were given a slot of our own called the Nuffnang Challenge. We were each given three mission to be completed.

The first mission being to play the Call of Duty II. Honestly, I have never played this game before. So I decided to allow my partner in crime for the day to play for me. Which is actually useless bacause they made me play anyway. lol. But I really enjoyed the game. In fact, I fared better than my friend. lol Must be the hidden gamer girl in me.

My Partner on his COD game. 
Then we head over to the analog side to play an extremely gigantic version of the usual Jenga. Our nemesis that day was team Teh Tarik. 

Our tower ended up to be as tall as Tony's. But I didn't take any photos as I was very busy with trying to make sure the damn tower did not collapse.

Tony's and Iris's Tower
Before we played the Jenga, Teh Tarik's team and the brat's team, manage to face off in a single game of what we used to call "bola kotak". I remember playing this game when I was much younger in school. But now, there's a much better version of it, with the same player, rules and ball, but with better and much more even field. (We use to play this on our school table. lol) Check out their website at

My friend and Teh Tarik face-off
And our last mission was to have a care-free face off with the public. And so we decided to play the "bola kotak" again. I am however, sorry that for the life of me, I could not recall the name of the contenders.

Me pretending like I could actually shoot a goal.
I also manage to do some crafting at one of the booth. We were suppose to color our own toy soldier. I am, extremely bad with arts. I wanted to make my soldier a cool colour of white and red. But in the end, because of my two left hand, I manage to make a pink soldier instead. Lol. Sorry about that XD

My "art work". The pink soldier, lol
And believe it or not, I also played Assassin's Creed III on PS3. The person in charge there gave me a mission to kill the guards. I need to play the game again to see how the game really is. It was a bit too easy that time, and since the playing was so short, I didn't manage to understand what the game is all about.

My card with stamp as proof I played it XD

But, my highlight for the day was actually playing "Just Dance". It is EXTREMELY good exercise. I need to get one of those quick. It is fun and you have a good exercise without actually meaning to.

Our dance face-face off XD
Here's the video that I took (from the tv that recorded our retarded dance. lol)

All-in-all it was a very fun day. If I get to go again next time, I will make sure to play more games. I saw some interesting cards table on the analog side and more ps3 games which I was not able to play. But I will surely do so next time. And I'll bring someone who is more into games, so I'm sure to have a partner to indulge in these wonderful world of games. lol.

This event had fed the brat in me to the (almost) full extent. Let's look forward for another MaGaCon and unleash the brats in us. muahahahahah

Sincerely ever bratty,


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