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Friday, October 7, 2011

Open Sesamee~~~~ Brat is SO One Malaysia

This is a WaaaAAAAayyyyy overdue post. It was supposed to be up on the blog earlier, but I haven't gotten into editing the pictures until now. There's JUST TOO MUCH things to do! heheh

Alright so on the last 18th September 2011, a day after MY BIRTHDAY, I officially opened my doors, windows, gates and practically ripped my non-existent purse apart for a Raya open house. Seriously, I had NEVER spent THIS MUCH to invite friends and family to come EAT!

I mean, I actually rented a canopy AND caterer for the occasion!! So it was basically tripple celebration. Raya, Malaysia Day AND My BIRTHDAY!!

My chocolate moist birthday cake!
Aside from the usual lemang, rendang, lontong, nasi impit and kuah kacang which was catered from our relative, Latiff Catering because they make WICKED, large portion and sinfully delicious food, I even made my well known (among those who have tried it before) VERY spicy spaghetti, and totally ruined my nails in order to make my family tradition-passed-down popiah goreng. My sister and dad add up some guaranteed to be good Curry puff and fried noodles from the usual Cik Mah. If you try her cooking, one round is not enough - especially her curry puff. All this I prepared in anticipation of large crowd of friend, family, neighbors, AND bloggers.

Well, these are not from my open house. I forgot to take picture, but, u guys get the idea... right?
So anyway, although A LOT OF THEM (oh yes, you know who you are) didn't make it to my open house - with or without excuse, and A HELL LOT of food leftovers, I had a hectic, draining, tiring and absolutely fun day.

I get to meet a lot of relatives that I know and don't know about. Meeting up again with old friends and reminiscing a bit. I also get to meet with my neighbors, Chinese, Indians, Malays, and I had my Bumiputera a.k.a Sabahan friends over. Ah yes, that day, the Brat's open house was the epitome example of 1Malaysia. Here's a few pictures I manage to steal some time to capture. I missed a lot since my hands were quite full. .

My neighbor.  This uncle just LOVE raya food. 

My sis and her friends

I look terrible here. so yeah~  
Our cousins and aunt
This special shout out goes to the three bloggers who managed - through rain, and busy schedule to somehow appear in front of my house. I love joo!!! 

My Sabahan friends and special appearance from si Aki Borneo!!
Dashing Feeq and Felix
Despite everything, I think it went well~ Only, I feel sorry for the food that had to be thrown away. Maybe next time I should make it smaller?

Ah well~


  1. si Aki was the cute one to be there... Ha ha ha.. :-p

  2. ahh...this is a nice...birthday celebrated in style with raya n malaysia day eh? lol my birthdays are usually simply simply celebrated...muahaha



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