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Monday, February 10, 2014


It's over.
After 4 years of waiting, debating, fighting, struggling
It's finally over.

I cried. oh I cried so bitterly.
I rolled around holding my blanket and hold it up so the household won't hear me wailing

And I'm angry, and bitter, and resentful.
And I'm disappointed, I'm annoyed, I'm speechless.

Because this kind of weird things, happens only to me.
Because this kind of ending is an ending that will get the cinema burnt down if it's a movie.


How can I be an extra in my own life story?
How did I fall into a second role in a story that is supposed to be mine?
Why can't I just find that happy ending?

Because LIFE is not a movie.
LIFE is not a novel.
LIFE is not fiction.

LIFE sucks. Deal with it.


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