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Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm short, FAT and insecure... Yet I want to think I'm pretty... Got A PROBLEM with that??? So SUE ME!!

I am back!

actually this is quite an old post (last week) since I got banned, I decided not to continue it. SO SINCE I'M BACK in the action, I'm continuing with it

Have you ever heard people say "OMG, that ugly girl is acting like Paris Hilton and so fails at it" or "Why is that FAT girl wearing such skimpy clothes. Come-on! get real. so UGLY. I can see her cellulite"  or maybe you or you've heard someone said "Why do you go for that person. He/She is so fat/ugly! So out of your league" well I say, BUZZ off!! no-one is asking for your opinion! after all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Following a chat with Mimi Pie (some time last week), something in the depths of me got stirred. My previous post (which according to Mimi was a "blonde moment" don't really happen that much to me. In terms of work, communication and studies, I have high confidence that I could excel, once I put my mind to it but when it comes to physical confidence it went from little to nil. If I were to say it in football terms, Portugal vs North Korea, 7-0. (yes old news but when I wrote this, it just happened the night before)

If you look at my pictures and say, "No-lah, you're not THAT bad" then allow me to remind you that "Pictures CAN lie" especially with the advance technology of adobe photoshop and picnik@facebook etc, even a kindergarten kid could do it (well, not really). Even if you don't use all those software/application, with the right angle, lighting and makeup just about ANYONE could look like Miss World. (yes, even guys).

 Yes, these are all full-fledge male
But of course, even if I am short, fat and insecure, like every other girl in the world (I think) I believe I am beautiful - perhaps not perfect, and perhaps not to all, but if that One Special person thinks so, then I'm the happiest girl alive :)

Every woman/girl is beautiful if not physically, the maybe inside of her. But nevertheless, like mimi pie said,  every girl deserves to have her "blonde moment" Coz girl, you are beautiful, no matter what they say. And you better believe it .

So for those who think  it's wrong for you to think so look at them straight in the eyes and say 

"I'm short, FAT and insecure... (you can be creative in this) Yet I want to think I'm pretty... Got A PROBLEM with that??? So SUE ME!!" 

- or something like that XD

Just another random thoughts from the brat


p/s: Like the post? Nang it! 


  1. nana, no point being pretty on the outside, but stinks inside.. you're right, everyone is beautiful, it's a matter of how you portray your beauty.. :)

  2. What you think about yourself is much more significant than whatever others think of you. Proud to be yourself! Just like I am =D

    p.s. I'm short, scrawny, specky, blah blah blah insert your own words XD

  3. @ajjah and vin agreed. btw vin, u're kinda cute

  4. hahaha..aiyoo..happy always k..

    "life is short,i'm cute"

    haha..what's the meaning by that??i dun no aso..


  5. Semua gambar kat atas tu laki?

  6. i agree! beauty is in the eyes of the beholder :)

  7. @mel that is weird, but then again, WHO CARES? lols

    @abu. yup guys. pretty kan? love em all. btw ada yang da married and ada anak.

    @yanping thanks

  8. Beauty is how u define u'rself... ppl who call others "ugly" are idiots who are most of the time.... fakers...

  9. that's what everyone claims but hardly anyone applies it. that's the ugly truth.

  10. I so agree with you! My bf actually gets weird looks when we're together cos he's not really up to par in the looks department but that doesn't matter to me. He's the sweetest, most considerate and caring guy ever! Lol! Sorry, for the mushiness!

  11. beautiful by cristina A. there are no ugly ppl only lazy ppl. lazy to look presentable and those who are lazy to be a beautiful person inside as well^^

  12. @erica which one?

    @Jan. Good for you gal!! thumbs up :)

    @glow agreed.

  13. i`am short.. have dark skin.. curly hair and.... but yet i believe i`am cute. hahahaa

  14. @hapiz lol. I don't know about your looks, but you reply is cute though :p

  15. jsut be urself dear...... dun worry be heppi!! ;)

  16. outer beauty is temporary and inner beauty is what last forever, so outer beauty is just a cover which will faded away...hahahahaha..and i m fat, short and insecure too!!! *cheers to that*

  17. I say you're Gorgeous, but the rest lies within you for you to judge.

  18. sesiaper pun ada hak jadi cantik..
    paper pun yg paling penting hati mesti suci..
    tiada gunanya kalau budak yg caci org lain tu secantik bidadari.. tuhan ader mater.. tunggu masa jer.. ^^

  19. The most important is to be happy - Following your blog now. Hope you can visit mine too.;


  20. thanks for the link darling! :)



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