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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fashion: How to Choose Watch for Men

Oh hello there! No, no body died, and made me the expert because even after writing this, I am still not the expert. lol

But since I promised you in my last post HERE, here is some tips on choosing a watch. The content of this post is extracted (and mostly copied) from an article from 

So what is essential in buying a watch?

1. Price
Isn't it always? lol. You need to know your own budget/limit. Do take note on these:

For Watches cost ;$1000 and above
  • mechanical watches
  • precious metals (gold-plated and platinum watches), specially developed tungsten carbide or titanium
  • sapphire crystals
  • formal and designers watches
  • Breitling, Omega, Rolex, IWC etc
For Watches Less Costly $300 - $700
  • automatic quartz
  • Caoutchouc, stainless steel,leather, titanium and carbon fiber
  • mineral glass
  • casual watches
  • Orient, Botta Design
For cheaper Watches $60 - $200
  • quartz watches
  • plastic and resin composites, base metals
  • plastic crystal
  • fashion and sport watches
  • Swatch watches
2. Style
Of course, without it, who are we? Just so u know the specification or criteria what we call Dress/ Classic watch or Designer watch or Sports watch

General Criteria

Dress/Classic Watches
  • gold material
  • plain and thin case
  • a rotating bezel or any bezel with markings on it is out,
  • thick markings 
  • hands with lots of tritium.
Designer Watches
  • Designed by someone with a world-wide reputation and publicized designer’s look fairly unusual, but not always.
Sports Watches
  • usually large,
  • bezels with prominent markings,
  • water-resistant to some degree,
  • nearly always have thick, luminous hands and markings.
  • inspired by the Rolex Submariner.

3. Brands

According to this website I'm basing the post on, you are suppose to learn some facts about the watch manufacturer reputation yourself. Coz, most watch-store sales person know little or nothing. (Lol, I would probably be as ignorant too.) How to know? well, for starters, you can ask - friends and family who already has the brand would be a good start. You can also post it on forums and websites. Don't be a lazy bum. haha. Oh yeah, here are some brands,

4. Where To Buy?

Usually, the real ones (especially the high-ends, prestogious brands) are available only in authorized retailers, so online shopping might not be the best choice. BUT the internet watch catalog is a good way to choose your pick. Best way is for you to visit the retailer’s official shop for details on the watch itself and its purchasing. And to ensure you are paying the hefty sum and get the real thing, avoid internet retail sites and online stores - seriously. 

5. Right Size

Larger Men: chose watches with large faces

Smaller men: Be careful that the larger watch may make them look like a little boy wearing his daddy’s watch. So choose more compact watch models

6. Water Resistance
Here's a guide for it. Decide for what purpose and how important water resistance is. 

7, Watch Bracelet

Depends on what is most comfortable and preference of the wearer. However, stainless-steel will last longer then leather. Plus, it can easily be worn with a business suit and at the same time can be paired just as easily with casual wear. 

8. Watch life expectancy (parts)
The life of mechanical watches can be almost infinite. So yes, I would think it would be a good choice. 

Quartz watches parts often cannot be repaired, but must instead be replaced. The life of a quartz watch will be determined on whether or not the parts are available. 

9. Type of maintenance the watch will require
Mechanical (manual and automatic) watches should be serviced and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or at least every three years.
Quartz (battery operated) watches should be serviced when the battery is replaced (2-5 years, depending on the type of watch)

Lithium-iodine (LID) batteries watch have lifetime of ten years

10. What is NOT important in buying a watch
  • How the watch move - unless it's $10K and above, and have unique function, the mechanism is not important. 
  • How the watch is made - no, none of it are hand-made. It's all manufactured in a factory. Unless they are above $20K
  • Number of jewels inside -  they are small synthetic ruby elements used as extremely low friction pivots for a few critical parts of a watch mechanism. It do not add value to a watch as they worth only a few pennies. The appropriate number for any watch movement depends on the exact design and functions of the movement
So there you go. Hopefully it will shed some light on your watch hunting. Me? I'm not so much of a watch person. I go for aesthetics rather than function when it comes to watches. Hey, I'm a visual person. So lay off the blame! :D

Friday, April 17, 2015

Customer Service

People say "customer is always right".
I hate that saying.

I mean, customer or not, when you're wrong, you're wrong.

But I'm not sure if this conversation should happen...

This was my conversation with a customer service operator (CS) from telco X some time ago. I was experiencing some issues with updating my data plan, they changed the way to do it and make it more complicated and confusing and the information is not available even on their website. And I have been dealing with this issue for a couple of times.
Me: why is your system so complicated? And there is no information about it online or anywhere at all. It is quite inconvenient for me to call service centre each time. Sometimes I can't get through. We won't care to memorize it you know, since it's so complicated.
CS: you can check your message history.
Me: ..... *long lecture ensues.


Seriously? I already freaking know that you effing moron. That is something besides the point. Furthermore, some phones don't keep message history. Some auto delete old messages (which is my case) , some might change new phone or formatted the phone. Anyway, my point is, the message history might not be available. How can you even think of saying that?

What I was putting forth at that time was that since the system is so complicated, it should at least be available online. Or they should send an email to us about the process. When they receive a call such as mine (which I'm sure they receive a lot) they should consider to give an option to the client to get the info by email or service text, or something. Instead, I got that non answer that doesn't help me in any way.
He had just unleashed the wrath of the Brat.

I know the stress of dealing with clients, and I also know for a fact client is not always right. But showing that you think the client is not very there in the knowledge department is just plain rude. Plus, you are technically giving me a non answer which is not an answer or solution to my current predicament.

I called the service centre for assistance.
If I wanted sassy remark,
I could have just consulted myself.

Sincerely Bratty,


Friday, April 3, 2015

Just So U Know....

Just so you know,

I am a terrible person.
I sabotage people for no reason
I caused people to lose job cause I can
I make people look bad to look good
I am racist
I am sexist
I like to steal people's job.

Yes, I do that. Cause I don't freaking have any other work to do.

Because I am not busy enough juggling 50 things at the same time.

Because I'm so freaking free I need to do something like putting prejudice on people

Because out of hundreds of people with hundreds of heads and hundreds of expectations and hundreds of request, only that particular person I purposely decide to give trouble to.

Oh please.. my world does not revolve around anyone. YOU are just one of the many in the solar eclipse. so if sometimes I missed you out, don't take it to heart. It meant nothing. Yes, as much as it pains you to realize it, YOU meant nothing.

I might as well just do it. Even when I am not doing it people are saying I'm purposely doing it.

Helping people out while risking myself in the process don't get seen.
Backing them up at the cost of my own won't be appreciated.
Wrecking my brains out to find solution for them is considered an offence when it doesn't work the way they want it to.
Going extra length when it is not even my job is taken for granted.
Busting my ass to cover for their mistake is just me trying to steal their job.

Why, do I bother again?

Just a little rambling from a frustrated Brat.

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Greeting and well... just greetings in general :p

Happy New Year!!
May this 2015 be a happy and successful year for you - and well, for me too.

Oh and hello again to those who had known me and for those who don't, nice meeting you!

My 2014... well is full of ups and downs. A little of heartbreaks, lots of happy and fun stuff, some let downs. But hey, that's life. Oh and also, I might need mention that I barely got any posts going on in 2014. I want to say that life gets in the way, but really, it was just me being the usual lazy and inconsistent me. I really have terrible self-discipline. That would most probably what contributes to me not only failing to lose weight, but added on some. *sigh

but hey! every day is a new start. Year 2015 will be a better year for sure. Maybe some change, some adventures, some new encounters, some dreams come true and perhaps, a little romance? haha. either way, wish me luck, and perhaps, spare a prayer or two for me?

Bratty as ever,


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