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Monday, August 9, 2010

*urrrpp...* there goes another 100++ - Santini

This is the Brat's first ever FOOD REVIEW!! I can't believe I'm actually doing one. But, here goes...

BEWARE this is a review done by a brat who have absolutely zero knowledge on Italian food and has little or no taste bud training. So this review DO NOT represent the people who loves Italian food but it should be sufficient for those who are used to heavily oiled, spiced, taste - typical Malaysian and kampung food.

Last Saturday, 07.08.2010, I met with Chef Federico Michieletto the president of Chef Association Malaysia for a small interview for my assignment - which I wote in a different post here.
Anyway, the awesome and very friendly chef that hails from Italy, was kind enough to treat me and my sis and mom (who was there accompanying me) for lunch at Santini, KLCC - one of the current 14 restaurant under his supervision.

With Chef Federico

Santini have such a nice ambient. If you like fresh air, feel free to dine outside.

and if you prefer a more closed environment. Step inside, upstairs and dine.

Here's what we ordered

Our main dish

Penne Arabiata
-with spicy tomato sauce & Basil (RM24.90)

I loved it. Well, it might not be as spicy as I would've liked but then again, I have a bit too much of 'kampung' taste in my blood. I love my spices. However, minus the spice, I would rate this as GREAT! This was the first to finish.

Spagghetti Marinara
-with prawns, clams, mussels, fresh tomato, olive, capers and chilies. (RM32.90)

Of course, the portion is generous. All three of us could sufficiently eat it. The seafood are also generous. For those who love seafood, the fillings in this platter should make you happy. As for the taste, it's OK. But for those who love salt and spices in their food, would most probably not enjoy this (like my sister. She's so not versatile).

Baked Beef Lasagna
-Gratinated with Parmesan cheese and Bechamul.

Who Loves Cheese? Definitely go for this cuisine. It is absolutely cheesy-licious. Too cheesy for me (I don't like cheese too much except for mozarella on pizzas). Yeah, I know I'm weird but, I don't consume dairy products that much. I drink very little of anything white (milk, soy, yogurt, you name it) I don't eat it that much (white chocolate, mayoneise, etc) So, I am no judge for this food. I did try it, but all I can taste is the cheese. So my conclussion is it is perfect for people who love their meat with cheese.

My favorite part of the whole dish is the dessert.

We ordered Valhona Hot Chocolate Fondant
-serve with Vanilla Gelato (RM17.90)

The hot cake with the cool Vanilla Ice cream is SUPER exquisite. The taste mixed well, and the presentation is sooooo nice. I will rate this as ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY.

I might not know much about the food, but I would say that the service is EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD. The price is a bit out of my range, but with service that make you feel like a king (or Queen), it is definitely worth the visit. Both the attendants and chef were friendly, and they had no idea I am doing this review.

All in all, the Brat give 8 stars out of 10 to KLCC's Santini. Most of it because of the service, environment and that fondant -  definitely going back there for some more...

Btw, I calculated our food plus drinks and 3 slice of Garlic bread, and it amounts to approximate RM 115.*urpp there goes another 100++ (lucky I wasn't paying)

Usually, we wouldn't spend that much for food. So, in return of Chef Federico's kind gestures, I am doing this review - although I'm not sure if my reviews are 'kind'.

Sorry Chef, I'm too much of a brat to be off much help.


  1. Whoa, food review! Cool! I love the lasagna. :)

  2. nice food.. but very expensive...maybe can eat once in a blue moon !!

  3. the lasagna does look good (: if only the chef is a little skinnier and more handsome lol

  4. @J'@nn thanks for dropping by!

    @zh, yup another step up for the brat

    @ron, yeah quite expensive, but sometimes, it's good to treat ourselves

    @hilda, the chef is super nice. don't worry, they have plenty of younger, and skinnier and handsomer chefs, associate chefs and attendants :)

  5. OMG !! nice food weyy! i feel hungry!

  6. yummy Santini , belum cuba lagi thanks for the review

  7. Valhona Hot Chocolate Fondant now in my next list..



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