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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Randomness of A Bratty Brat

No mood. So, I'm doing a random post extracted from Shreko's blog

20 Random things about the Bratty Brat.

1. I'm such a contradiction that I myself not sure which is me. Example, my personality test shows that I am a free-spirited person that doesn't like to be bound by rules, but I am also a person who follows rules and rarely break it.

2. I don't like mayonnaise, dairy milk, yogurt and cheese. the only cheese I eat is mozzarella that is cooked and dairy milk that I do drink is chocolate flavors
Ergh... hate it (eggs are okay though)

3. I love Dark chocolates, and I hate White chocolates (because of point 2)

4. I am a taekwondo -black belt holder (Dan1) but I haven't been practicing for almost 3 years. And I had been in the tournament 5-6 times got 4 medals out of it.


5. I get really cranky when people make me wait, especially if the place I'm waiting is so hot that I'm all sweaty and sticky.

6. I am a bibliophile - but i don't collect books (because I'm dirt poor to do so) and I don't go look at books and think of them as my love or something, but I can read more than 1000 books a year (as long as I have the supply)


7.I cannot tolerate irresponsibility the most.

8. I get angry easily. but no matter how angry I am, I forgive them so very easily when they apologize. and once I am used to their 'attitudes' no matter what they do, I won't feel irritate anymore (which usually cause my peeps around me getting angry for me instead lols)

9. I have never been in any serious relationship - and I am going to be 24 soon - yet I had been through so many heartache.

10. I am a slightly obese person - I am always on some kind of diet - and always breaking it.

11. I am the eldest of 3 siblings - but my kid sis n bro have no respect whatsoever for me since I act as bratty as them (they are 20yo and 19yo)

12. I love animes (Japanese cartoon) and mangas (Japanese comic) - and my family all doesn't understand why.

How can I NOT fall in love with these dreamy guys???

13. I can play almost all kinds of sport - but I'm no good in any of them.

14. I am a very friendly, happy-go-lucky and flexible person, but I have a strict working attitude.

15. I am a lazy person. But i usually takes most of the work.

16. I like doing extreme sports and outdoor activities (tracking, camping, etc) but have no or little stamina for it :(

17. I am weird -  everybody who knows me says so
18. My favorite hanging out place is Funfair and Arcades. but I hate crowded places ???

19. I am allergic to shy guys - when I see them, I feel itchy all over to go and harass him. lols

20. I love teddy bears yang "BESAR PUNYE!!!" and all cuddly things

Just some random things from the brat!

like the post? Nang it please!!

some books on randomness


  1. lol i like how you composed number 19.

  2. to tell if you are really obese or not, take ur weight (kg) and divide it with your height (meter) twice - W divide by H then divide the answer with H again. that'll give you your BMI (Body Mas Index). if it's above 30, you're obese. but for asians, you're obese if your BMI's more than 28.5

  3. you are funny! anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. have a good day.

  4. @kok. yes I know. I am obese!! well not too much. but more for ANYONE to LOVE!! haha

    @meoramri thanks! u too!

    @faiz welcome :)

  5. HI I just replied your comment. Nice to meet you :)

  6. Eh tak baik la kacau lelaki pendiam..
    I tergolong dalam lingkungan tu.. no harras me ek???

  7. @vai, thanks!

    @zool rofl, pendiam ke? tapi, kat atas tu 'pemalu' okay... bukan pendiam :p



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