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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The MUSIC in my soul....


I haven't post anything on music previously - well it's not that I don't want to, it's just that my taste in music is so wide that I don't know where to start. I mean, I love Ballads, Rock, R&B, hiphop, Jazz, Country, and even Nasyid all just as equally. So, it feels unfair if I only post about one or some and it feels too tedious to write about all.

So why the heck am I writing this post??

That's only because I have a reason to! Sony Music Malaysia is giving 2 cds of our preferance for ABSOLUTELY FREE. Normally, I would have care less (especially when I am swamped with work like right now) but going through the list of Sony's artist, (or here) I can't help to notice two Japanese Rock bands.

I must be demented to pass out on this marvellous chance. I mean there is no way in hell (or heaven) or earth for that matter that I would EVER buy these albums. 2 definite reason -

1) its so damn difficult to find and 
2) if I  found it, it is so damn expensive that I will think twice, thrice, and more to buy it - and hence decide that I'd better of using my money for something else

After all, it's free. Why would I pass on a chance like this? If you have the same great mind like I do, you'd take up this chance to. all you have to do is 

1.Become a fan of "Sony Music Malaysia" fanpage

2.Write a blog post about "Sony Music Malaysia" fanpage with details/comments of your own! Tell us what you think about the fanpage and what you like about it. Dont forget to include a link to the fanpage too so your friends can join.

3.Please don't copy/paste the entire blog entry. No one-liners please. Show a little more effort for 2 free CD's

4.Leave your blog entry permalink, full name and email address/handphone number in the comments section of this post. (on Sony's facebook fan page's notes not here!)

5.Have fun deciding which 2 CD's you'll be bringing home with you!

6.Tell your friends to head to the blog for details on how they can win 2 free CD's too!

7.Oh - it's only open to Malaysian residents. 

 I soo want these albums

Quadrinity: Member's Best Selections (L' Arc En Ciel)
DIM (The Gazette)

actually, any of their album would be ok for me. Just as long as it's them :) If i can't get them (which would REALLY dissapoint me). I'll only settle with these hotties :p
2pm - The First Album

Lee Hom -HeartBeat

Jerry Yan - My Secret Lover

Hey it's a rare chance! what are you waiting for? Start BLOGGING bloggers!!

A brat with opinions signing off
-Nana Eddy


  1. wow the 2 posters look nice... too bad i'm in SG, can't participate i think

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. hahahaz...i did a post for this too!

  3. @rafik you and me both... I VERY the~ like Jrock as well :p

    @Lukey, too bad. You would've made it better. BTW, the 2 posters are not only nice, the group itself is awesome as well

    @Msxeroz, good for you!

  4. I think better if you look out CDs from their Music Store on-line. Go to the webpage and you'll be able to find it. Some of the CDs may out of stocks. =]

  5. That is why I listed the other 3 hotties. Those are from their website. I really really really really REALLY want those japanese cd though :)

  6. Hai, Nana. Saya jumpa Nana kat blog Eza tadi. Minat juga Nana kat cite janda nakal tu, ya. He, he. Ada-ada je la idea Eza tu tau.

  7. babe how could u NOT like Laruku and Gazette...oh mannn....they ARE legend J-rockers..i'm in love with em...

  8. hwy hydo.. ditto that. they are the epitome of FANTASTIC-ness... unfortunately, I didn't get their cd since it's not in stock :(



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