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Friday, June 25, 2010


My little time away from 'innit' allows me time to edit my blog layout. How do you like the new 'look' of my blog?? Personally, I like this better. It looks more... ermmm... 'clean'? lols. I'm still going around trying to look for a more 'bratty' feel. We'll see how it turns out. Today, I leave you with a "cam-whore" picture of yours truly and my childhood friends on our 'little' excavation to the world of 4 seasons house.

not bad huh?

Truly, bratty -ME


  1. gamba kat atas macam geng sailor moon je..

  2. haha sailormoon? "dengan kuasa bulan, akan menghukummu?" lols.

  3. Thanks for visitng my blog, Nana. Lovely template

  4. Hi Nana :)
    Really Nice blog...
    I will keep on visiting...
    Best luck :) Be happy...

  5. Hi Nana, thought you another 'Nana' I know, anyway, nice blog. You are very creative.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  6. Hi..i couldnt help reading your previous post about being banned in innit.. i was also "stopped" recently cos no more a glitterati member suddenly.. so that means one has to be a glitterati member in order to log in to innit..
    few days later, they accept me back again.. what was it due to? too many adverts?

    btw, i come from

  7. @shrikrishna & Lee: Thanks a lot for dropping by!!

    @reanaclaire glitterati status is revoked when we have adverts originate from company based in SEA or any company that Nuff consider as a competitor. You van send them a ticket if you want to know why.



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