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Friday, June 18, 2010

I received my first award!!

Thank you very much to Fredley for the award!

hmm and I'm gonna pass this along to.....

1. Fikri Fayi's Adventure blog -He's one of my earliest follower, and one of the earliest I follow. 
His blog always entertain me and he took such beautiful pictures.

2. JoonHao's Photography Journey   - I just love his pictures. 
and it doesn't hurt that he's a dear friend of mine.

3. miemyeddy's AKU    - miemyeddy - nanaeddy sounds familiar? 
(girl you better appreciate my promoting your blog!!)

4. OhMyWTF! - love his sarcasm.
what else can i say?

5. JFook's Walking Toward Uncertainty - Another photography love

6. Rutikeben - One of the most interesting Malay blog I've yet to read.

7. Kok blok  - intellectual and brain stimulating debates. 
Always with another fresh view of things. Simply love it

To end my award, I'd follow fredley's example and state 7 things about me.

1. I am full of contradictions
2. I could be too ignorant or too attentive towards an issue
3. I love dark chocolate and 'besar punya' teddy bears
4. I love cats - really love them.
5. I am a lazy person but also a workaholic
6. I hate idleness and irresponsibility
7. I am so damn stubborn but easy to negotiate with

What can i say, back to no 1 - I'm really full of contradictions :p

-brat with opinions, Nana Eddy


  1. oh flattered. thanks nana! :-)

  2. haha.. welcome. but I didn't do it for flattery sake. I really love your blog :)

  3. wow, thanks! but you forgot "arrogant", "abrasive", "offensive" and "probably batshit insane" in your description of me :P

    p.s. have not yet check out b'z, plastic tree and gazette, but they are still on my to-do list :)



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