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Monday, June 14, 2010

If Wanting to Uphold my Values and Not Digrace My Family is Conventional, Boring, Lame and Old Fashioned, SO BE IT!

I just don't get people! What's so WRONG about doing the RIGHT thing? Just because you DON'T WANT to do it, DO NOT RIDICULE THOSE WHO DO!!!!!

Yup, the brat is feeling a bit pissed off today. I am sick and tired of people giving me the "look" and making fun of what I choose to do. IDIOTS!!

Don't you find it IRONIC, how people just look at you in a way that says "That is SO LAME" or they just dis you aside and thought YOU JUST WON'T CUT IT because you are OLD FASHIONED? -Simply because, you don't drink, you don't go to clubs, you are a VIRGIN and just don't agree with premarital sex, you don't smoke, you don't wear sexy - breast-legs-thigh-showing -clothes, and you just don't care for it!

While those things are thought as COOL, can CUT IT, UP TREND, IN TREND and absolutely FABULOUS, doing the RIGHT/PROPER THING - like wanting to help your mom instead of wasting away in clubs, or wanting to stay sober, rational instead of dead drunk, or wanting to wear demure clothes instead of barely wearing ANY at all, all thought as LAME, BORING, CONVENTIONAL and OLD FASHIONED!

Don't get me wrong, I don't care for people who wants or choose to do it. Just DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME when I DON'T WANT TO!! You can rot away with whatever you want to do for all that I care (and don't expect me to feel sorry if you do) but, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRITICIZE MY CHOICE!- because I won't either. Go ahead, indulge yourself in whatever you wish and choose to do but, DO NOT DRAG PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO ALONG WITH YOU!

I mean, why do I need to drink alcohol to be taken seriously? Why do I need to 'show some skin' to make people listen to me? Why do I need to go to clubs to be cool? Why do I need to get 'high' to be IN? WHY? I don't get it? Why do I need to be destructive (to myself mostly) in order to be given a little speck of respect? Geez!
 If Wanting to Uphold my Values and Not Digrace My Family is Conventional, Boring, Lame and Old Fashioned, SO BE IT! 

I am Conventional, Boring, Lame and Old Fashioned and I am proud to be one! 

A brat with opinions,
-Nana Eddy

What we believe is the core of our being



  1. True true..totally agree with it. :D

  2. so true..totally agree with you!!! i just dun understand all those, who are them to pass remarks anyway...
    i have the same thinking with you!!!
    clicked your ads^^



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