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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I LoOuRve To ToucH My.... XD

Lols the topic is SOOOOO SUGGESTIVE no? haha. Now you don't go and think "something" else okay. I am a "good" brat. muahahaha!!!

Let's see, I love to touch my... furry kittens. I'd spent time stroking them, playing with them and laughing at them. They always give a very cutesy respond when I do and their fur is like silk. Plus they are super duper cuddly!!

No quality pics of them so, I leave you with an "author's illustration" :p

I love to touch my... parent's bed (well actually, more like bunking in). So comfy since they bought an expensive one for them - It has a 12 year warranty!! lols I remember as a kid, I love to jump on the bed - absolutely destroying it - the bed lost it's "springy" feel faster than you could spell out "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS" lols. They should have bought that mattress 20 years ago.

And most of all, I love to touch my... (if I had one) LG Cookie3G (LG KM555) now with more function, colors and still very much affordable!

How SWEET is THAT? I mean those buttons keypad are soooooo OLd-SchoOL. Now touch screens are IN - and a slide-able touch screen to boot!! This time this sweet cookies come in more vibrant colors!

BTW, the PURPLE one is MIINEE!!! Do NOT touch unless you want to lose a finger or hand! It's for MY touching ONLY!

Now this cookies would be even SWEEETER if I get it for ABSOLUTELY FREE! (oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE????)

This is the very reason I'm posting up this oh-so-scandalous topic today. Nuffnang (love you, love you, love you) is giving away these sweet babies to the winners. Details, click here. And to commemorate the coming out of these babies to this land, they are throwing out a PARRTAAYYY! 

It will be hosted by our SUPER HOST - Kenny Sia, on

24 July 2010
6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

BEWARE - the party is for monsters ONLY.

 I am SO THERE!!! are you????

Just the brat who REALLY want the phone,

Like the post? Nang it Please!


  1. hope you can win it! I will join too!

  2. Hey let me know if you r going~ <3 Would love to meet you up! (if im going lah, but i haven done any posting about this topic)

  3. @baboon. thanks and good luck!

    @Msxeroz will do! - If I'm going lols - and you better do!

    @kenwooi exactly the reason why I'm posting this. I soooo want that phone

  4. @hapiz that is weird and kind of disturbing.. haha

    @careen, thanks!!

  5. good luck, girl!!! may wishes b granted ya^^

  6. Tak kira. I nak touch jugak LG purple. hahahaha. smart giler kan purple tu. huhu~

  7. wahhh, nice.. good luckk yaa :)



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