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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What THE ???

You know when you saw something weird and you just go What THE ......??? (blanks are filled with individual preference :p) Today I had that moment when I accidentally found this picture on the net. WARNING for those who  have too vivid of imagination, I suggest don't look at the picture. Or you might 'taste' it in your throat.




Mmmm... taste like piss.... Lols!

Imagine giving these to guest coming to your house. You might get a free 'face lift up'. These are glasses developed by Barbie company, which is not for kids department (I didn't realize they had any).

Speaking of pissing and what not, I found some pretty interesting toilet signs from the net. I thought it is amusing...

Good things are meant to be shared... and so, I'm posting it up for you guys. 

depiction of reality???

Can't hold it in any longer??

Designed for perverts?

hahahaha (refraining myself from commenting)

Someone's creative flair?

People are just getting weirder everyday... Lols

Just a What The~ moment from a brat with opinions,
Nana Eddy

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