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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A brat WITHOUT her (concrete) opinion??? : Palestine vs Israel issue

Yes, I never thought there would be a day, I will be left without a concrete stand on an issue.

If ANYONE take a look at my background- with me being a Muslim and all - they would have easily assumed that I would stand behind Palestine. Well, they are WRONG.

First of all, to all my fellow Muslims, don't take me wrong. I am NOT saying we should abandon our fellow Muslim. NEVER! Please be patient until I finish explaining.

As a GROUND RULE, allow me to emphasize that I Absolutely, ultimately, 100%ly, very-very HATE Wars. There, it's out. To me, wars are just selfish desires of the person(s) who are ruling the country to expand their 'power' - No matter what EXCUSE they gave to justify it. - Some of you may think that "ape hal budak ni, kata takde opinion" Well, it's not that I don't have an opinion, it's just that I don't know how to CONCLUDE my opinion.

On one side, I despise and condemn the act of the Israel military when they uphold and attacked the help ship. As a fellow Malaysian, I worry of the safety of our people in the ship. As a Muslim, I am obliged to support my fellow Muslim (I voluntarily support, I do not feel forced). If there is a threat to my religion, I will stand up for it. I know how horrible, deceiving and cruel humans can be by nature - and it's not just Hitler. A two digit number (puluhan) death are payed with millions lives by them. And so, I worry for my fellow Muslim's safety, and I pray for the elevation of their sufferings. (and it is so not fair that Gaza is practically DESTROYED while Israel is very much intact. Shouldn't wars effect both sides?)

BUT on the other side, I had NEVER judged people from the collective view (stereotype) and I don't plan to start now. So, I don't and won't hate a person just because they are Jewish. Even Rasulullah do not treat the Jews badly. Heck, he even embraces them even though they spit on him. (click here for story). Only, we should be weary of them, for they could be deceitful and break their promises.

Another thing, I could not back up the attitudes of the people in Gaza towards the Israel people. I cannot support them when they are spitting hate word, condemning the Jews and their ancestral, and also for thei act and words that was thrown intentionally to provoke them. Yes, I do understand the deep hatred they have, but hadn't it been shown throughout the history, times and times again that violence is NOT the answer? Hadn't we been taught by our religion, the Prophet, all the Ulama' before us and our forefathers that WORDS should be CHOSEN WISELY, and that WORDS could DESTROY even a whole nation. Then why oh WHY won't you listen, why won't you THINK before you act or speak, knowing full well that they are just looking for a REASON, just about ANY REASON to attack you WITHOUT being in the wrong. 

So, how am I to make a concrete opinion? One part of me wants to support the Palestinians with all of me, and some other part of me says that they somehow had it coming for them.  Thus, it has taken me this long to write on the issue. I am supporting Gaza, and I hope with all of my heart that the war would STOP.

I mean, they said Israel attacks Gaza because they are "searching for the Hamas people that had been attacking and shooting the people in Israel in towns that has nothing to do with military" And the Hamas people was just HATING the Israel who is living in a land they DON'T OWN.  LIKE I CARE!!

It makes no sense.

Wake up people!!

Just a thought from a brat with without opinions,
-Nana Eddy-

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 P/s: If I had this book, I might have made a more concrete decision on the topic. It's what Israeli-ans had been doing to prepare the assault on Palestinians in 2009 - which had been an on-going thing since 2005

Israel's 2009 invasion of Gaza was a vicious act of aggression that left well over one thousand Palestinians dead and devastated the infrastructure of an already impoverished enclave. In this searching examination of Israel's policies, award- winning journalist Gideon Levy shows how the ground was prepared for the assault and documents its continuing effects. From 2005-the year of Gaza's "liberation"-through to 2009, he tracks Israel's abandonment of the pretense of diplomacy in favor of a policy of provocation and raw military power, with the ultimate aim of denying Palestinians any chance of forming their own independent state. Punished by Israel and the Quartet of international powers for the democratic election of Hamas, Gaza has been transformed into the world's largest open-air prison. From Gazan families struggling to cope with the random violence of Israel's blockade and its "targeted" assassinations, to the machinations of legal experts and the continued connivance of the international community, every aspect of this ongoing tragedy is eloquently recorded and forensically analyzed. Levy's powerful journalism shows how the brutality at the heart of Israel's occupation of Palestine has found its most complete expression to date in the collective punishment of the residents of Gaza. 



  1. "I know how horrible, deceiving and cruel Jews are by nature"

    I am disappointed in the way you characterise an entire an race of people so negatively, but yet, in the same post, you said,

    "BUT on the other side, I had NEVER judged people from the collective view (stereotype) and I don't plan to start now."

    And what do you mean by "it's not just Hitler"? Are you saying that you agree with Hitler? Or are you saying the Jews are as horrible, deceitful and cruel as Hitler? It isn't clear there.

    Seems to me that I have misjudged you. You do not know any Jewish people personally, I bet, and here you are perpetuating horrid characterisations about them, while hypocritically condemning people who stereotype Jewish people. Israel is wrong. Zionists are wrong. All the innocent non-zionist Jews in other parts of the world (the majority, mind you) are still recovering from the massacre of millions of their number in WW2.

    How do you feel when the West characterise ALL Muslims as mad, suicidal, bloodthristy zealots who treat women like shit? Do not unto others, what you do not want done to you.

    I like to see the record set straight in this post of yours, but... never mind. After spending weeks going on Malaysian Muslim blogs and trying to reason with our shrill and ignorant countrymen, I'm ready to consider that the blind hatred for Jews are so ingrained in the Malay people that they are all beyond rational help.

    Good afternoon.

  2. Aside from my problem with the words you chose, I agree with the sentiment that wars and murders should have no place in our world.

  3. Oh my. I did say that did I... I will need to rephrase that. I do personally know Jews, and they are good people.

    What I meant is actually throughout the history. History recorded the brutality and the deceitful nature of the Jewish people, given the chance. It is not something I fabricated with my own mind. I agree, that not all are like that. In fact, most of them aren't. And it doesn't apply to Jews mainly. Christians, Muslims, are always one way or the other are recorded being brutal and cruel- and the fact still lays the same. Not all are like that. The very few that created chaos had cause others to be seen as negatively.

    I guess, it was wrong for me to write it that way. I am really sorry. I should have written 'humans' in general. This is why I was afraid of giving out my opinion on this topic. It's because I know little about the matter.

    Thank you for reminding me. And sorry again

  4. I apologise for being a bit harsh earlier too :) i feel that human issues on this world earth should be pondered upon outside of religion. god did not cause all these atrocities. the devil did nothing either. all through history, it has always been Man; the cruel, ignorant, hateful, all-too-human Man.

    I am glad for setting the facts straight, by the way :)

  5. On the note of Hitler. I got a bit confused with my facts. sorry. What I meant is HUMANS can be horrible, deceitful and cruel like Hitler.

    Oh my, I really do need to be more careful with my choice of words. Now I'm feeling guilty.

    Like a brat after a scolding, I now hang my head low...

  6. No problem. Mistakes should be corrected. Like I said in my post, words should be chosen wisely and carefully.

    As a human, I am bound to make mistakes such as this. I am glad that there is someone like you who would be willing to tell me that I was wrong. And so, I thank you.



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