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Monday, June 21, 2010

LooOOng VS Short

hehe.. I wonder what people will think of this title. I'd love to leave it at that and let people wonder - but that would defeat the purpose of blogging at all... lols

Actually, this is just another mushy post on relationships. Those who have 'mushy' allergies, stop reading and run away from my page. (but please click my ads first before doing so... ^_^)

Don't you just LOVE mushy stuff I mean, even though at times such mushy stuff would make you want to puke, but isn't it envious when people are able to do so - in public at that!! 

Well, it's just the stuff that people hate to admit but in the end, they'd love to do it as well - I am one of those people.

Anyway, back to my topic. Long versus Short relationships.

Andrew Hubbart in his post says that,
"Apparently some people, usually those who tend to be in the center of the social spotlight, seem to prefer short-term, meaningless relationships. This is usually caused by an inability to build emotional bonds, or the insecurity of allowing another person to understand what some might see as a vulnerability. This is the very reason why long-term relationships are the dominant choice, emotionally and socially"

Agreed? I, myself had never been in any serious relationship. Yes, it is a bit embarrassing to be (almost) 24yo and yet, had never been romantically involved with anyone - but facts are facts. Sure I had some share of my flings and more-than-just-friends situations, but somehow, it never reached beyond that. It always end up with either heartbreak or nothing.

I am most probably one of the most WRONG person for anyone to consult with regarding love matters - since I had never been in love myself. However, throughout my life - that had never been the case. Eversince in primary school (yes, that young) girls and guys a like keep coming to me for advice, for help and for comfort. Thanks to my exceptionally good observation and empathy skills (yes I am bragging) I manage to avoid making the worst out of it.

BUT - it also causes me to be too much cautious about being in a relationship. Some of my friends keep changing their partners every few moths (and weeks) or so. They are changing too easily that to me, pairing up, coupling has no meaning whatsoever. It's like changing your clothes. You wear it to look good, if it's comfortable, you'll wear it again, if it's no longer good, or uncomfortable, you change it, or throw it away. If relationship are that little of importance, why start it at all? WHy go through all the hassle and heartache and headache?

Longer relationships, makes me smile. When my friends tells me about how sweet, loving, romantic their partners are, I'd smile. But, some of them had been too long in the relationship that the sparks just die away, and they ended up breaking up anyway. Some become obsessively possessive that it becomes scary. Some stays in the relationship just because they are used to it and afraid of changes. Some keeps on fighting with each other that it becomes too much painful to stay together.

And through it all, I became their most loyal listener. I cried when they cry and I laughed when they laugh. When they are unable to, I was the one who felt the hurt the most and worry for them. And even if they didn't say so, I know just how painful they are feeling.

It's not so weird that I became paranoid like this right?

Of course I know, through all the negative side of it, love is beautiful thing. There would be heartache and heartbreaks, but there would also be those happy times that you wouldn't change for the world. and every heartache, heartbreaks and tear drops would be worth it - would it??

Just some thoughts from a brat with opinions.
-Nana Eddy-

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