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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Since I accidentally got banned from Nuffnang Innit, (Sorry I didn't realize it was an advert from a competitor!!)

I just do not feel like posting up much. So, I'm just gonna publish some of pictures taken/edited by me. *sigh* Please let me get back on innit!! :(

Theme : Portrait (Guy)

Model: Dark Levo
Venue: Tasik Shah Alam

Model: Akmal Hakim
Venue: Tasik Shah Alam

Model: Fareez
Venue: Kitschen Boutique, Tropicana City Mall

Model: Shah Fahmi
Venue: Pantai Merdeka

But even so, do comment!! Please! I REALLY need to improve.

A brat, like always


  1. aikz! banned T_T im gonna miss u!

  2. @lukey, thanks :)

    @aren, easy, register yourself as a nuffnang blogger, then go to, send it your post, and then "bargain" yourself with asking nang and giving nang to other people especially to those on the innit chatbox. Good Luck! :)



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