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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Deal with "Tudung"

"Eeee Kolot!!
"Your hair is beautiful, why hide it?"
"Women's hair is aurat. It is compulsory to keep it hidden"
"Hey, girls who wear 'tudung' is beautiful what?"

So many views, so many contradiction. For those who doesn't get it, they'll probably think, "What's the deal with tudung anyway? It's such an old story"

True, in a sense IT IS an old story. But like other old stories, it gets retold, and refreshed and replicated. This old issue is talked about in so many different angles by youths to youths for youths.

So what IS the deal with this 'tudung' wearing? Simple, it's a law created by the Muslim's God to protect and prevent harm from His women subjects. Women, are naturally the reason men became tempted. So basically the 'tudung' is used to hide some of the temptations a woman can tempt men to do. The act of wearing 'tudung' or 'hijab' or scarfs can be symbolize like a pearl inside it's shell.

"A woman should be like a pearl.The pearl can only be obtained from underneath the depth of sea, safely tucked inside it's protective shell. When it is uncovered, it is extremely valuable and highly appreciated. Unlike the stones beside the road, usually trampled upon, always been seen and exposed to the world but hardly ever seen as valuable and even more rarely appreciated."

"If it's compulsory, then why do I see some who wears and some who don't?" They ask.

Well, My explanation is simple. It's the same reason as any other rules, laws or regulations are being broken- and No, regardless of how many people says it, Rules are NOT made to be broken.

Let me give you a simple example, when we were in school, the teachers were always telling us to stand in line and not to make noise. But what happened? There's always some kids who will be pushing around their friends and joking and not to mention making noise and spreading it around. Now in this case, the teacher's words are an instruction - it is the law. So why did those kids ignore it? Easy, its because they want to. It might be because of various of reasons; they got excited over something, they are bored, they don't take the instruction seriously, etc. Regardless what ever the reasons are, they just want to go against it.


Then, the next one says. "Really, it's no big deal. I don't see any difference wearing it or not. My friend also wears it but she smoke, hardly ever prayed and she's always showing me pictures of her smooching with her guy. My free-haired friends are better than her."

Let's just get this straight. True, the are some 'scums of the earth' who go around and make other 'tudung' wearers looks bad. And true, some of my acquaintances who is free-haired is much better off than some other girls I know (heck, some are better than me!) But, let's compare it fairly this way;

Girl A who wears scarf, drinks and smooched, vs Girl B who is free-haired, drinks and smooched. *ding ding ding* "and the winner iiissss.... Obvious isn't it? Girl A committed 2 sins and Girl B committed 3 sins. If you put the same characteristics together on the same plate with the difference only in wearing scarf or not, you'd always get the same deduction as me. Although Girl A looks much more pathetic and gives a more bad impression than Girl B, Girl A is better off than Girl B.
End of 3rd issue. Hmm... I'm starting the next with this quote,
"Minah minah tudung zaman sekarang banyak cacat otak, Bodoh!
Pakai tudung tapi pakaiannya ketat-ketat, Bodoh!"
Two lines from a song did by some university student about how stupid girls with 'tudung' nowadays are. Wearing 'tudung' but their outfit is too tight too thin or too short. It might be an insult. but sadly to say, i agree with them.

If u ask those girls that were mentioned why do they wear two contradicting outfit? The reason, as what the Youthsays youth stated might be;

- to look trendy
- the hair looks ugly
- although the hair is ugly, the body is not
- 'tudung' is compulsory, wearing big outfits are waaay old school
- it's hard dieting, why cover the result?
Regardless of what the reasons are, most Youthsays : It's ridiculous.

However, one answer attracted me the most, she said ,

"bile dh b'tudung... pakaian plak diungkit....bile x b'tudung....ttp gak di ungkit.."

It reminds me of what my little sister said once,  

"yang selalu kita dengar; dah pakai tudung, tapi buat perangai macam ni atau pakai macam tu. Kenapa tak pernah dengar; dah la tak pakai tudung, perangai pulak macam ni atau pakai pulak macam tu"

In a sense I do agree with both of them. So 'I' say;
"Hey, it's better than wearing that thin, short or tight outfit without the 'tudung'!!" Lols

Ahah!! A contradiction!! What a confused writer I am... Not really. Although I do agree with the song in some way or the other, I don't really think bad about those girls.  


"there's always at least two sides of everything" 

Rather than getting myself all worked up, I like to think positively. I just assume that they are trying to change, albeit slowly. So, if you have friends who looks 'lost and confused', give them chances to change, do not discriminate or put them down, but encourage them. Compliment them when they wear it the right way and advise them a better way to do so. Those who doesn't feel like wearing it, don't condemn people who do, and vice-versa. After all, we're aiming for harmonized living right? "1Malaysia" as the PM said.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No matter how silly it is. If I've somewhat hurt anyone in my writing, I didn't really meant to. But it's good if you felt something, it means that you care. Please forgive me for being a brat. I'm just being truthfully me.

The brat with some opinions,
Nana Eddy

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  1. those who says tudung is kolot are totally bucolic mindset.
    its cool okay.

    sometimes i realise that girls with tudung and free hair girls..
    with tudung are look prettier.


  2. sometimes it's not about ur appearance that shape your personality... it's urself dat define urself.. with tudung or not... but i can say dat every girls with tudung gain my respects... because it's something that not every muslim girls choose to wear.. =D

  3. rules are not made to be broken. like :)

  4. setuju snad.. me pun baru mula pakai tudung, alhamdullilah Allah buka kan hati ni..
    bila pakai, x de la teruk snad pun. menutup aurat kan wajib..

  5. good for you girl~ all the best :)



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