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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Chronicles of Nana Eddy

Have you ever wondered, how the BRAT would blog IF I repeat IF she decides to grow up?

Yes, the brat decided to become an adult (*vommits) and created a new blog - The Chronicles of Nana Eddy. It is a more mature blog, with a much more mature layout and content. The brat had FINALLY grown up.....


I was forced by circumtances to create that blog. I had no other choice. So, you might sometimes see some post that will be linked to that blog. Please be patient with me and do click on and visit my other blog. It will be not more than 20 post - maybe less. I promise! On a scout's honor...

Of course, I never was a scout :p

For a first peek, just click here ----> The Chronicles of Nana Eddy

Still the bratty brat,



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