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Friday, July 30, 2010

3 Question I gave up on trying to find the answers

Yes, I know, I had disappeared for quite some time. I had been too busy to drop by for a post. So today, to cure your missing for the brat (if any), I'm posting up the

TOP 3 Things the BRAT GAVE UP on Thinking about.

- Because I WOULD never get the answer
- Because it's tiring
- Because, it is best let happen naturally.

Alright here it goes

#1 When Am I going to get RICH?

I decided that even though I think that, $$$$ won't come flying in. I just need to do something about it.

#2 When Am I getting SLIMMER?

I got on a diet, and I broke it, I get on an exercise routine and broke it, I ate some pills and drinks and then forgot about it. Let's face it, I do not have the discipline nor the conviction to get slim. So, cheers to the fat brat.

#3 When Am I getting Married?

Based on my 20+ years of dateless life, I decided that it's not worth thinking about. I'll get there when the time comes :)

So, what do you guys gave up on thinking about?

Just some jot-in by the brat,


  1. the photos are totally hilarious , Like this post

  2. my 3 things

    1.should i go to art school and try to make a living by making art which most Msian dont give a sht about

    2.Will i ever have the chance to move and settle down in France

    3.When will money start falling on the sky

    lol , good day girl

  3. getting married seems answerable.. when you find the right man =)

  4. eh..i begin to suspect that we r sisters. LOL!
    i TOTALLY have the same problem. except the no 3. one. I have a bf but i still dont know when im gonna get married!!!

  5. @vamps. lols, I don't think that money going to fall out of the sky, unless some money box got blown up and the money looks like it fall from the sky

    @ken well, then the question will be, "when will I find the right man?" which is difficult to answer as well.

    @nicole we might really be sisters - in some weird alternate space and life! lols

  6. I just have 1 question.. When do God pick up my life.. Oh,I'm dying to know.. If I know the answer,then I'll have another 100 question.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

  7. the answer is only one: when you have the will and luck to have these 3 wishes granted! :D


  8. Q3 is the most answerable.. haha.. when you find a life partner! :P



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