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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mayday Mayday!! Man down! Man Down! I repeat, MAN DOWN!!

Attention all bloggers! Blogger down! blogger down!!

I am Sooo Sick.

Do you guys remember a MAGGI advert once-upon a time ago "Bila mula sekolah, Demam pun datang ye la sayang?" Then, "Orang sakit, tak boleh makan MAGGI" the daughter then said "Dah Baik dah..."

My mom said, I am like that. since I was little, I always got sick just about when the school start. but unlike the advert, I was NOT pretending. Tomorrow, the new term for my uni starts - and surprise surprise, I am SO SICK.

If yesterday I graced you with the ME that is all cutie... So today, I'm gonna enter your dreams with my ghastly-oh-so-sick face.

BEWARE if you can't stomach horror, RUN AWAY, do not look!!

~cough ~cough ~sneeze. So sick...

Hope the rest of you are well and not sick. Take care.

The VERY very sick brat,


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  1. haha taking pictures in a dark room is scary... wait who's the guy behind u?!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. that's why I put the warning sign. lols.

  3. hehhe.. betul2 sakit nieh! hidung merah giler.. :)

    get well soon ok.. :)

  4. Get well least you can still post in your blog even when you're sick :)

    You're a good blogger.

  5. u sakit ea sis , alala .. ciannya ..
    btw , all ur picture look so cute :)

    nice blog sis :)



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