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Friday, July 16, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

First, let me look the part... you know the deal, dark clothes, nothing too revealing, something that doesn't attract attention...

 Nah.. Too bright

Oh.. Dark but too attracting.

Too emo... and what's with the fake eyes?

Who's that? Perfect attire but WRONG person.

errr... no. Next!

Hmm too flowery and pretty. :p

Don't I have ANYTHING DECENT to wear among these junks??

Arrggh... this will have to do. At least I look a bit like someone else.

Alright next, my mission from Mother Russia - 

Mission: Retrieve the HIDDEN CODES in SALT Movie
Location: GSC Mid Valley
Date : 26th July 2010
Time: 2100 hour

How to accomplish the mission?

Sneak in into the premiers of Salt at the mentioned date, watch the movie and record it - just in case I missed anything.

Then get back to base and decipher the hidden codes.

Sounds simple enough...


The Sony bloggie™ camera worth RM899!

It records HD videos and 5MP photos. It's light, and easy to carry. It should be simple getting it past through the security. 


I don't have one yet! Damn!. and the department cut my expenses due to my blowing up the HQ  when my enemies came to get a pay back on me for the last mission. 

NEVER leave ends left loose. Or you'll have to pay later.

Like I did. *sigh


Plan B.

I'll enter Nuffnang Blogger contest and WIN. I get to see the movie without having to sneak in AND get the SWEET gadget.

Even MUCH more simpler.

Want to contribute to Mother Russia too? Just click here

A note of CAUTION: 

DO NOT get in my way and JEOPARDIZE my mission. Heed my warning or you'll DIE!

A brat on a mission,

like the post? Nang it, please!


  1. good luck getting those tickets!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. Is this a webcam or a digital camera?

  3. Wow! Hope you get the invites! =D

    p.s. You got your invitation to the LG Party? (:

  4. @luke thanks

    @tol it's a digital camera

    @vin yeah, me too. thanks. and yes, I did get the invite. but I won't be going. Have some conflict with my other commitment

    @zh. that is so kind of you :)



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