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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Once Upon A Brat...

I have no idea on what to blog. Nothing attracts my attention -yet. As I was browsing through JFook's blog, I thought I'd follow his lead, and take a step into memory lane.

But unlike JFook, I'm not going to put a lot of my pictures growing up because
1. I went through my family album, and I find that I don't have that much of pictures. I must have developed some anti-camera attitude (or I just lost my pictures.)
2. Unlike JFook, I look much better when I was younger. While JFook "slimmed down" I was, well... "slimmed up"??? GKK (gelak kuat2 = lol)

These Pictures (some of it) are absolutely cute. GKK

When I was around 1 years old,

Born to ride baby! Yeaaahhh!!

Bratty kid ^_^

Mama and Papa's Daughter

When I was around 2 or 3

 Old flame??? (he's married now)

 I should have been a kid model or something lol

My 4th birthday

Happy birthday to MEEEE

SKIPP!! (When I find a clear picture of me when I am in primary school, I'll update)

This was taken when I was around 14 or 15. Just look at how "innocent" (and ghastly white) I look. GKK

This was definitely when I was 14

This was older, ermm 16 or 17. OMG my HUGE Shirt!

My days as a diploma student
That's me, in red. I was 18 and those are my best peeps back then.

This was few years back. When I was 20

Close up!!

 Taken Sometime near the end of last year

A picture by Tham Joon Hao, during YES2009

And on to my NEWEST pic
 This is kind of cheating since I "dolled-up" a bit (Taken last week)

Look at that smug that says "Well, I'm fat AND short so what??" GKK 
(this was taken approximate 12 hours ago)

Once upon a life of a brat,


like the post? Nang it please!!


  1. fuiyoh.. 1yo got BIKE edy!
    haha.. looking thru the pics can be really nostalgic right? =)

  2. u look cute when u was young and pretty now! =)

  3. nice post...
    its good to recall the time when we were so tiny and then suddenly a blink of eye grow so much bigger..
    and not to forget for you, prettier..xD

  4. woah! something like portfolio? =D
    NIce to have the old photos for good memories!

  5. @sherry @kwong waahhh blush already. no-lah. I'm getting chubbier each day.

    @kenwooi @baboon @kwong fei yup very nostalgic. I love old pictures

  6. nanged!
    so cute!
    i've done this too in my older entry..huhu

  7. Haha, you remind me of a fren. :)

  8. haha... so cute! i wonder where all my last time pictures went

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  9. ouh
    sweet old memory remains ;)

  10. It's a good one. She's funny and always laughing

  11. Hi Nana, Wow! Love your pics here, especially the first one on the bike.
    As well love your lively sense of humour.
    The pics are great and you look just sensational!
    You sure got a million bucks smile too.
    Have a beautiful Sunday, and stay beautiful, Lee.

  12. thats a nice photo album (: im too lazy to find my old pics and scan them >.<

  13. I just saw your post. HAHA. That's one of the ways to keep your traffic up, by digging up some funny pics of yourself. LOL.



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