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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Awesome-most Bond Odori - ness

Hello Dudes and Duddetes. I haven't been updating lately due to 1.Busyness and 2. Laziness.
When I'm both lazy and busy, I become unproductive.

Lazy + Busy = LABU = squishy + time = perish = yucky = unproductive

Yeah, I know. It's simply ingenious. ^_^

Anyway, amidst all the laziness and busyness I managed to drop by the Bon Odori celebration in Shah Alam this year. People were SWARMING to the event. I mean you can see a sea of people EVERYWHERE

Not to mention the traffic jam from ALL routes to the venue

Everyone (who cares about it) knows about the Bon Odori celebration. According to reliable sources (hehe) the celebration is pretty much the same each year. So, I decided to approach this post from a different angle. If you would like to read more on the day event, you can read it on my beloved (*wink *wink) blogger friend jfook (you are so buying me drinks :p )

Anyway, I'm gonna post up the very thing that make Bon Odori worth going (especially for guys.)

Almost as if I'm in Japan.

Kawaii Japanese girls...

Yes, The Ladies in Yukata. This Japanese traditional cloth is so demure, and it makes the wearer seemed even more beautiful. It enhances their beauty. don't you think so?

And if you crave for something more modern, and more... well, less, you can go creative and wear it like this

Simply scrumptious. No wonder guys nose-bled. Lol. 

So you are a Muslim, and you sooo want to wear it, no problem, you can just go ahead and wear it - and look absolutely F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S in it.

Just Lovely, right?

However, the main highlight for me that night was meeting a pair of very.... ermm.... unique couple. Amidst all the normal-Traditional-Japanese-clothed and plain-clothed humans -

- were this pair of humans who look kinda out of place.

Kakkoiii desu ne? Sooo Cool right? The girl looks soooo like a doll and the guy well, looks like a girl - which is so cool. Since I was with my company, and they were rushing to get back, I didn't get to interview them a bit :(

I've been wondering who they are. Some kind of a J-Rock band? Osharekei maybe? I soooooooo dig the way they look (my company doesn't agree with me though. Well, I am weird..) After a bit of digging around the net, apparently, in the previous Bon Odori festival in KL there were some people who attended this event in cosplay / gothic. They were not supposed to do so, and was warned against doing it but I guess these two didn't get the memo. lols.

Although I wasn't there long, I must say the event looks SUPER merry. I did get the chance to watch the dance and it was almost like watching the videos of people going around Kaabah (except in front of Kaabah people don't dance and they pray). But they were all moving around the square stage. The people on stage was dancing and playing the drums.

To see the stage more clearly, you can go to Jfook's blog. I was awed by how synchronized people were dancing. (where and when the heck did they learn that?) Maybe next time, I'll join in and dance too! (and I'm so getting one of those cute yukata)

It was a chance for me to catch a glimpse of Japan's tradition. For those who have never been to one, I seriously suggest you to go. It's not everyday you get to see other people's culture - well unless you are studying there or working there but that's beside the point. Anyway, just go!

Btw, sorry of some really bad quality of pictures. Half-way through my camera battery died on me, so I used my phone camera. 

Just some experience sharing from the brat,

p/s: Like the post? Nang it please!


  1. I didn't get to meet cosplayers. But I thought cosplays are prohibited in that event?

    HAHA. We would meet one day Nanaeddy!

  2. Wahaha, you really like Jfook! Btw, nice experience at Bon Odori you got there. =)

  3. hey...i'll be a cosplay...hahahahahahaa

  4. @Jfook I just happen to saw them on the way out. And yeah, they are supposed to be banned.

    @tolanic I like you too!

    @mel let's cosplay together :p

  5. Hello Nana. Your name reminds me of the well-known Japanese Manga/Anime (: Thank you for the comment on my blog. I've never been to Bon-Odori before as much as I want to. But you had so much fun I'll be sure to mark it down and attend the next one!

  6. wow so cool.. haha..
    i went there in 08.. that's the one and only time so far =)

  7. Bon Odori is crazy , sesak giler hahaha penuh dgn budak kecik , i almost pass out cos its packed like a Tuna can hahaha

  8. I wish I was there T.T It looked so fun but the crowd was a big turn off.

  9. i tot those cosplays are not allowed?? anyway...i dun get to sad...that place is so fun from photos...

  10. I met those cute lil ones at that event..
    Feel like I want to kidnap them! LOL!
    I Had Fun that night.. Hope u did oso.. :)

  11. Looks like fun....wish I can go too.
    You have a great time and keep well, Lee.

  12. Err I don't think I can stand it being in crowds like that.. signs of ageing? muhahahahha..



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