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Friday, July 30, 2010

The future for FKPM Hockey team

What will happen when a recently-grown-up-brat becomes the manager for the faculty's hockey team?

Scenario #1

Legends like Wayne Gretzky are born.

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Scenario #2

Great players that is going to representing Malaysia will emerge, kicking the 'old' guys like CBH away

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Scenario #3

The team going to champ the SAF

All this could and would happen IF

The team ACTUALLY came down for practice. Which didn't happen. Only 4 faces that usually shows up. 

The said manager ACTUALLY have some skills or experience.
-The fact is, the last time the manager actually holds a hockey stick to play is about 12 years ago. And the number of time she did play was less than 10 times.

So what WILL happen to the team?

We will together see the result of the match this Saturday 31st July at Hockey Stadium Tun Abdul Razak.

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