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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modeling - much?

You know, I have always loved portrait photography. especially those beautiful pictures of entertainers. So I decided to go on a project of copying them. haha...

Can you imagine? 

The brat posing for the camera like an artist would?

This is still in planning process, but, here's a sneak peak of it.

BEWARE you might need a barf bag!

this is me copying chibi Jun Matsumoto (Japanese actor n singer, member of Arashi)

this is U-know yunho from TVXQ Korean boy-band

and one last sneak-peak... brace your self!!! (nicole PCD)

lol, gkk.... Yup I purposely did that for the last picture. Ain't it bratty?

Just some fun fun jot in by the brat,

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  1. The last picture.. what can i say.. Hahaahahhahah..

    but this is the true meaning of cool lolz!

  2. glad you guys enjoyed it! lols

  3. love it LOLssss the last one was sauperb!!

  4. haha the last photo so cute one!
    Hay blogging~

  5. The last photo is scary wei :)



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