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Thursday, July 8, 2010

SEX education in school???


is what my Prof. said. He added

"Even a blind man could have children. Who taught him SEX?"

which I laughed at very hard - but also makes me start to think, what is SEX education about?
and he added,

"We don't need to teach sex. What we need to do is enforce the knowledge on the implications of sex through religion/moral studies"

Well, being a Muslim, I see where he's coming from and I can totally relate (and sort of agree) to his thinking. But still, doesn't sex education encompass all? and what is the syllibus for sex edu?? How long will it take? every year? The last two years of school? in any one of the school year? What will we learn (or our children would)? Do they need to know that in such a young age? Would I rather some stranger (teachers) taught them about sex, rather than teaching them myself? (not by showing them it literally mind you!!!)

Seriously, I just don't see what's the fuss about. Had we not after all been learning it already in school? Maybe there is no spcific subject on it but, I vaguely remember having that particular subject in my science class - the anatomy and the cycle part. or did I mis-remembered it? And there's also on the topic while I was learning Pendidikan Islam.

I wonder if we need a specific, special subject on it.

I had never found the need to learn about it back in school. I think I'll be quite embarrassed to death if I do. I know, formal education will help the kids to feel less awkward about this, but as a person who is strongly against pre-marital sex (to myself mostly) I believe that it is good that they feel awkward about it. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SO! So that it might make humans think twice before doing things that could destroy another human's life.

Now don't go blabbing about safe sex to me! I know very well that the safe sex that everyone is talking about is ain't that safe at all. I might not be on the role for free sex, but that doesn't mean I don't socialize with those who do. Anytime, anywhere there could be defects, there could be mistakes made. So for those who are about to preach safe sex, buzz off!!

Prevention is better than cure.

I think that the kids doesn't need to know the technical, how to's and what to's of SEX. What they do need to know is what could and would happen if they do. They need to know of what will come to them when they do. They need to understand how their actions might infect other people's life.

How? I don't know. Hey, I'm not the expert here... But I do have two suggestion.

First of course, you show them pictures and tell them stories of people with sex transmitted desease.

There are "other" pictures, but then, I would have to mark my blog as 18sx. lols

If they don't get grossed out by it, then they might need a little more checking out, mainly on the areas of their brains. There must be something wrong with them!

Second, you could simply show them the bills/receipt you accumulated from the day their mother was diognosed pregnant by the physician, to the very day that they decided they are old enough to have sex.

Nothing talks louder than $$$$ lols.

Of course, it is still up to individual preference.  I don't think I want my children to learn sex education at school. I know for sure that with the technology of internet, they could have instant access to it. What they need is to realize the consequences, which sadly many of us (adults/ young adults/ teenagers) do not know or, decided to ignore. And thus the statistic of throwing away babies and the people diagnosed with STDs kept on increasing.

It is getting more and more difficult to be sure of anything. Oh well, just another thought from a brat with opinions,


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  1. haha... your professor's probably right.. but sex ed was supposedly to teach students on the do and donts... good post btw

  2. "We don't need to teach sex. What we need to do is enforce the knowledge on the implications of sex through religion/moral studies"

    aku suka ayat prof ko nie. memang betul!

  3. wat about the ppl who are atheist? where are they gonna get the education from?

  4. thanks jae, hapiz.

    @j_fish. that's why I mentioned "moral" education.

  5. Second picture of "std's" IS NOT AN STD. It's a growth defect.

    If I were him I'd be offended. Next time check your sources before using pictures..

  6. i never really went thru sex education before.. except for form 3 year.. that's probably all.. =)

  7. @Black J oops. thanks for pointing it out.

    @tol. safe sex ain't that 'safe' either.

    @kenwooi that's what I meant by we already learn it, unofficially.

  8. unofficially many learn secretly from porn which is often the hollywood hyped up version. So ppl grow up thinking SM/Bestiality etc are normal. WHICH ARE NOT!

    Best thing is not to do it, true. But if the time does come (raging hormones and all). it's best that they know how to do it proper. Then we dont end up with self righteous ppl who preach one thing but end up getting pregnant and so ashamed that they'll rather flush the baby down the toilet. STIGMA KILLS.

    In the end all i'm, saying is be prepared, knowledge and a critical mind of ur own is important.

    on another note, heard from a doctor that this couple was wanting a child for many year, turns out they were using the wrong hole. laugh if u wish, but that is the reality, not everyone are on the same plain.

    All knowledge are impartial, it's only what humans use it for that tilts the balance.

  9. thank you for your input glow~

    I guess there always will be pros and cons in everything :)(btw, I agree with your points)

  10. yes...i totally agree with you...being a daughter i would rather my parents teach me bout all those prevention or should and shouldn't rather than strangers like teacher..and i dont think those kids will have the courage to ask the teachers even if they have any will just make them more curious and try it out...

  11. It's on again ; sex education. An issue which has been ding dong-ing, yes, no, yes , no.
    But after all, I think sometimes sex edu shouldn't be talked in class. We teach the students to let them know, how to do in proper way etc, but then youth might apply it, to get fun. Sex with classmate..

    That's only my two cents. Btw, I already had a debate about this touchy subject in my class.

  12. education does not really teach you about "how to have sex" is more towards a clinical way of showing as you suggested, STDs, pregnancy (ectopic, miscarriage...) a girl and guy's anatomy, biological functions, how to prevent pregnancy as a part of family planning (IUDs, the Pill, condoms, etc).

    still I agree with previous commenter who talked about a couple who have been doing it in the wrong hole...seriously, that happens if you know zilch about reproduction. oh yeah...and when the hubby starts to blame their wife because they keep having children or have girls only or they don't have children...these guys need some knowledge about reproduction as well...

    even my brother honestly admitted he doesn't know what a woman having a period means... apparently the same goes with most of my friends. Heck, even one guy who was married thought having period was having a stomachache+migraine attack. Not expelling blood and fluid out of our bodies. Imagine his blank face when his wife asked him to get a package of pads when he went out for groceries...XD



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