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Monday, August 2, 2010

MassComm Hockey Team - From Zero to Hero

Winning Hugs after the Final Win
 They came as the underdog - they barely have enough players, and they had never even once had a proper practice. They had an absolutely inexperienced manager who knows little, too little about hockey and unlike the other teams, they are the only one with a female manager.

They are truly the best. With 3 wins, 1 ties, 1 penalty win and 0 loses, they paved their way as UiTM's SAF 2010 Hockey Champion.

The top scorer is our own version of Chua Boon Huat, Firdaus or better known in the hockey field as Ah Chong. He scored 3 goals out of 6. The first goal was also delivered by him during the match with MEDIC faculty in the 1st round.

Firdaus a.k.a Ah Chong a.k.a Abang Jambul a.k.a Abang Jersi 6 :p

1st goal from FKPM

The rest was delivered by;

Izzul, the team captain. Self acclaimed "Jacob Black". He scored the ultimate winning goal in the penalty against the highly anticipated Sport Science Faculty (FSR).
Izzul a.k.a John = Team Captain

Just because he's a junior, that doesn't make him any less powerful than the other players. Hatta, delivered the 2nd goal for MassComm in the fight with MEDIC faculty.

2nd Goal for the match against MEDIC

Even though he's not the top scorer, he does not fail in the attempts area. After 8 failed attempts of scoring a goal, Syafiq finally managed to do so in the semi final against Business Faculty which was also the winning goal for that game.
Definitely Skillful although a bit unlucky

Other players, who did not score, that doesn't mean they didn't contribute. They are the people that plays defend and made sure no one gets to put any balls into the goal. And guess what? They succeeded. No team were able to score any goals.

We have our only part-5 player, Zulhilmy

and our Junior who haven't even gotten his UiTM card yet, Nick

Also another Junior, Shahrir


of course the best goal keeper ever! Aidil who have absolutely no basics in Hockey, but saved all the balls that even attempted to show it's face in front of the goal - including penalty.

Aidil - Goal Keeper
Nice Save! MassComm VS Sport Rec. Finals.

Another important member of this hockey team is the female manager, namely myself, who is definitely too excited over the win that she decided to blog about it. Why not, it was the first time MassComm Hockey Team won the SAF since - well, ever!

Who would have imagined that one of my predictions came true??

I just love my team,

1 comment:

  1. I really miss my time playing hockey.
    It is a really nice game but quite dangerous.
    I was the team captain last time during my secondary school.



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