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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The drugs was hidden inside an umbrella: witness

Shah Alam - Two Philippine citizens were brought on trial for the second hearing this morning for the allegation of having approximately 500 grams of heroin pills when they were apprehended by the police on 29th November 2008.

Assistant Superintendent Nor Rashid in his statement said that the suspects were hiding the pills inside an umbrella that were carried by one of the suspect.

The defense, counsel Haris Salleh in his cross examine of the prosecutor's witness, question the reason why the police did not spot the packaging during the first sighting of the suspects.

"At first when we spotted the suspect, I did not see the packaging as the umbrella was on an upright position however, when we had put a closer distance, when the suspect slightly tilted the umbrella to be closed, then only I can see the packaging dangling from the top of the umbrella." said Nor Rashid

He added that when the second suspect handed the umbrella over to the first suspect, there was a noticeable bulge on the then closed umbrella.

Due to the absence of case evidence, the umbrella, in the court, the judge, Judge Datuk Siti Mariah postponed the hearing to the nest day at 10.

On the prosecution side was Deputy Prosecutor Ridha Abdah.

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