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Friday, October 8, 2010

Celebrating the M.O.I.S.T me (Vaseline Poolside Partaay!!)

I know, this is a bit overdue but what the heck, I'm gonna post it up anyway!! For the first time ever, I get to meet with fellow bloggers, I just HAVE to post!

WARNING: there will be A LOT of pictures here...

Remember my M.O.I.S.T post? Well, I was one of the lucky 70 bloggers who were invited to the poolside party. It just show that the Brat is definitely Most Obviously Indefinitely Super Terrific.

the view from 33rd floor of Luna Bar Poolside

Anyway, I went there with my loco sister cum blogger, Miemy Eddy (note that Eddy is our dad, and thus the similarity). And arrived at approximately 5.

Miemy Eddy

While waiting in the line to get into Luna Bar at the registration area, I met  the blogger that happens to be queing up in front of me, Kaizen.

Kaizen Shinobi-san 
Then, he pointed me out a famous Bahasa blogger, Dark Batman

Bro Dark Batman, lelaki.kacak.maskulin

Then my sister and I decided to take a walk on the other side of the magnificent pool. There we met these pretty ladies, Joanne and Cat.

Joanne is the blogger for rumtumblurpei

and of course, there were a lot of other blogger too, who later share the same table with us.

me, Joanne, Kahee, Miemy, and Suzai

Mimey was there with us too. He's so sweet...

While busy taking pictures suddenly, I spotted an entity that seems so very familiar to me. So, I decided to get closer and see if my eyes didn't deceive me. And Whoaallah! I found Vince!

he managed to get to the party, and I manage to spot him!
the funny, cute, naughty blogger of
Vincent's Philosophy

There were a lot of people there. Since I know almost no one yet, I decided, it's best if I mingle around and see who else I'll bump into. Thank God for the name sticker everyone was wearing, I noticed some VERY familiar names. And so, I approached to say hi!

my name sticker. 

With Dylan the cute guy with an everlasting smile

a quite famous blogger, feeq from feeqsays
a slightly blurred picture of me with the dashing babebaboon
(maybe the phptographer saw the pretty girl behind us)
with Adrian and his date 
with two ladies who still look so beautiful even though it has been  3 hours into the party
Moon and Jun

However, there was only ONE special blogger who came and said hi to me, bacause SHE recognized MY NAME (awww.. so sweet). A big applause to the very very lovely Msxeroz

Nicole@Msxeroz - She's so pretty and small. I feel like an ogre next to her..

she was moving around her her friend, also a familiar name to me, Yiwern

I really need to start taking down people's links...
The PARTY was of course awesome with all the nuffies there... but what makes it even more cooler was


Night view from the 33rd Floor
magnificent KL tower view we have from Luna.
Not exactly the view, but I adore this arrangement.

#2 beautiful pretty host, Jojo Struys

she's so pretty that I feel so short, fat and ugly. 

#3 The comedian, Kuah Jen Han - very funny guy.

this was supposed to be a hip-hop-cool pose. But it didn't seem that way.. lols

#4 Yuna and her band. - They sounded really good that night.

Yuna and her band, on stage
Yuna - her voice is sooooo good.

her cute (*wink *wink) drummer
one of her guitarist

would I pass the chance to take picture with these guys? no way!

And of course, with Yuna herself. She's one heck of a friendly singer!

Unfortunately for me, I didn't stay until the end of the event. I have another promise with my mum (yes, despite being bratty, the brat is a good daughter.) All in all, it was a great evening. Thanks to Nuffnang and Vaseline... So I say bye to all and started my way out...

Of course, not before one last final shot.

Hey, I'm a BRAT after all :)

p/s like the post? Nang it please!


  1. Wahh I like your pics with Kuan Jehan & Jojo. Cutesy! Have a great weekend! Cheerios~

  2. so nice meeting all the bloggers.... i only can chat online..

  3. eh siapa budak hensem tu?
    ahhah! it was nice to meet you that day =D

  4. ohh,so jealous..i wish can go there...

  5. wah...happening seh. hehehe =)

  6. @mel, who cutesy? me or them? lols
    @ron then you should start joining contests too!
    @eyriqazz, don't worry, they'd be plenty of opportunity
    @Danial yerp very happening
    @vince I see you too. but I don't see me in yours

  7. @dylan... mana budak hensem? haha. nice to meet you too

  8. Whoaaaa... u linked me!!! that's so sweet of you, thanks!!! I never thought that I would appear from another blogger's page. It's like an overwhelming burst of orgasm. mind the language!

    Am I that sweet? Oh god, I'm blushing all the way up to my ears!!! Thank you so much! And you were very friendly too!

  9. Nice post.. but i not famous T.T

  10. salam..
    hi der..nana
    THANKS A LOT 4 d pic n LINK
    hehehhehe..follow n link u already..
    nice meeting u there ^^

  11. everyones blogging abaout it...looks like u had fun

  12. @mimey, suzai and feeq. It was really lovely meeting you guys.

    @Jae.. yes as a matter of fact I did. tremendously :)

  13. Giler upclose gambar hang ngan Yuna! :p



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