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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Girl, A Camera, The Brat and The World

It was a sunny day when we went out but later, it started to drizzle quite a bit. The Brat, armed with a camera, and a non-existent skill decided that she should take advantage of the girl tagging along - her sister- and shoot some pictures.

So basically, this post is just about the Brat trying out her skills. The model is yet again, my sister (Mimi). The venue is all around the brat's small world :p

Alrighty then, on to the pictures. Comments, critics, opinion, are highly welcomed.

And so, what do you think? I used a basic DSLR (Canon 350D) with basic lens (because I have yet to collect money to buy other lens) and played with a little Photoshop (Obviously).

For the fist time ever, I am begging you to comment.... Please?

The Brat that is trying to learn,


  1. I like the bottom left one with the blurry effect. :)

  2. salam..

    hi der..thanx 4 dropping by..
    nice style..LOVE it! ^^

  3. Thanks fayi, coming from you, it meant a lot to me :)

    @zh I like that too. hehe

    @suzai. thanks :)

  4. i like the color in those pic! :)

  5. not bad Nana...keep shooting and learn your composition well...

    try google this

    The Rules of 3rd

    it is the photography rules where it teaches u how to place ur objects for better composition

  6. Not bad but need more practice and nicer angles.

  7. not bad...but keep practicing using manual mode ok?you'll get the touch some day...heheh.. =)

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