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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Malaysian Cool la Weh!

Lately, I felt down and despaired by how us Malaysian kept on fighting with each other. What makes it worst are the people who chose to paint the situation in black and advertise it through various medium how bad the situation is for the rest of the world to see.They usually do it for the sake of 'freedom of speech' and 'getting the truth out' which essentially, not wrong. Malay proverb calls it as "membuka sekam di dada" which means you are opening up wide your 'skeletons in the closet'. But they forgot that as a group, we do not broadcast our weakness to outsiders, especially to the enemies. Those who does it are considered a traitor. 


 However today, my spirit soar up a bit when I saw this advertisement by Digi . I don't care if it's done by whom and if there is  "ulterior' motives behind it, what I do care is that the message it brings forward are something that everyone who call themselves Malaysian can relate to. If not, then maybe, you should not live here. Throw away your 'my card' and be a citizen of other country. You may be ungrateful and wish to hurry and escape this country, but once you are out there, you might be itching to get back. For whether you like it or not, this is us, Malaysians.


Selamat Hari Malaysia :)

Say what you want, I am proud to be a Malaysian,
the brat with opinions,


  1. Gosh that's what I always say to my housemates when im in Sydney, no sambal belacan!! I want to do sambal belacan but the belacan here not ori wan :(

  2. slmt hari Malaysia back :) hehehehe

  3. Selamat Hari Malaysia Dari Gerrard ^_^v

  4. gee thanks guys.

    @chris, see that's my point. though some of us complains endlessly about the country, when they are outside, they'd still miss it. - The power of Malaysia XD

  5. haha i watched this around 2 days ago as well!
    LOVE IT!

    Happy Malaysia Day! :)

  6. yeah...great Ad and funny too....Happy Malaysia day

  7. i'm proud to be apart of the bolehland?
    yeah right.


  8. @hellioz. call it what u want. I'm a Malaysian and a proud one at that. It is flawed. like all the other countries in the world, it's up to us to change it, instead of just condemning it no?



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