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Monday, September 20, 2010

Especially for Girls and Maybe Certain Guys... *ehem *ehem

I bet you are wondering what the brat wants to write here right?

Guess what?

I do too... *smirk

Okay, okay, I'm going to my story already... sheesh, chill will you? :p

so on the eve of Raya, no, not the eve, but the last afternoon of this year's Ramadhan, I went to a place in Ipoh called Kompleks Yik Foong.

For those who live around Ipoh they are probably familiar with this place. It host the MOST INSANELY Low Priced and High Quality hair services - PERIOD.

Since 'straight silky hair' (guna jari pun boleh) are so in-trend now, the Brat had decided to went there for a Hari Raya hair.

After going around the complex, the Brat and her sister decided to drop by a Saloon by the name Chilli. btw, excuse the poor quality of picture. I'm using my phone camera (again)

The reason being,

#1 they offered us the best deal the whole day. Our long hair (a few inch past shoulder length) which would normally cost around RM200 for 'rebonding' in KL costs us only RM60 per head.

#2 the shop looks more organized and 'professional' than the others.

#3 the promoter (who apparently is one of the boss) was super friendly, and cute.

super friendly Kenny
#4 the reason why I said the posts is for girls - The hairdressers are all 'leng-chai'. Cute guys with talented hands. Irresistible.

The Super Friendly, funny hairdresser (my sister agrees with me) who I haven't got the chance to ask his name :(

My 'personal' hairdresser for the day, whose face reminds me of a blogger friend, Jfook (maybe the spectacles) and with a name that resembles yet another blogger friend, Joon Hao (his surname is Tan, and the blogger is Tham).

Tan Joon Hao. My Hairdresser for the day

He managed to change the unruly hair of mine

to a magnificent majestic crown on my head.

look! guna jari pun boleh...

***The pictures have nothing to do with the real brat's hair.

The Brat gives full 4 1/2 stars out of 5 to the saloon. Definitely going back there.

For those who would like to make an appointment, or have any questions, can contact them at

05-241 1618

0r if you'd like to personally get in touch with the uber friendly Kenny *wink wink

016-567 4950

they open everyday from 10am to 7pm.

Right. the brat have exams in less than 6 hours, so goin to catch some shut eye. bye~

just the usual brat,


  1. wah..which part of Ipoh are they located at?

  2. wah... such a big difference... maybe becoz u see lengchai there...!

  3. @chuen. in the city centre

    @ronnie. yeah, that probably is. lols

  4. I was in Ipoh for holidays too. :)

  5. haha.. i rarely go there, yik foong i mean.. =P



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