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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Fourth 20th Birthday

Woke up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy... No, that's just a lyric. Truth is I woke up a little grudgingly from my bed this morning since the rain was drizzling and curling up on my bed seems like a better idea than waking up and facing my day filled with nothing.

drizzle, drizzle, drizzle.. so don't wanna wake up!

But since my mom was nagging endlessly to help her finish cooking Nasi Lemak, plus my cat which found her way on top of my bed and kept on meow-ing by my ear, I had no other choice but to wake up anyway. So, I found myself in the kitchen like a housewife firstly in the morning of my birthday. Sounds fun right?

yummy.. of course, this is not my 'masterpiece'

So after my 'masterpiece' is done and served, my sister took her turn nagging me to get ready. I was 'chosen' to accompany her to her bf's open house. Then I soon found out that my stomach is starting to make it's 'unreasonable' demand - I had no idea at that time how bad it would be.

erkk, blue with pain??
And so, our journey that last approximately one hour began with me, holding in my stomach pain along the way. Yes, sitting in an air-conditioned Viva, while having your stomach doing several flip ups and somersaults could be damn uncomfortable. But alas, we reached our destination safely. The food was delicious, but I could't eat as much as I wanted to since my stomach is raging and protesting. I made a friendly visit to the restroom twice already and can't fathom the thought of paying another visit for the third time.

Moving on, on our way back, we had to follow behind a dieseled-'bus mini' with an advertisement for job vacancy for a painful half an hour because of traffic jam that had nothing to do with the road we were trying to get into. And of course, yet again my stomach did not give a positive response.

I reached home feeling a bit down because I was tired, and my phone did not ring at all today (which in other words no one called to wish me birthday) and presents on a birthday is just a distant memory. Even my own family didn't wish me birthday. Can you BELIEVE that? Not even ONE!! So, I went up to my room, and open up my facebook account. Suddenly a smile crept up my lips when I saw these;

I guess it wasn't such a bad day after all XD

To all family, friends, foes, acquaintances, and everyone that wishes me birthday, thank you very much.

Happy (fourth) Twentieth Birthday to me, the Brat (who refuses to grow up)  yeay!! :)

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