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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Koujee Beatbox Classes officially *OPENS (clap, clap, applause!!)

UPDATE: This class is no longer valid. Author is keeping this post alive for the sake of sharing the experience. 

I had always wondered where how did beatboxer make such sounds come out of their mouth. So out of curiosity (and also the enthusiasm to meet the super cute Malaysian Beatboxer) I went to Koujee's Human Beatbox Workshop.

Okay, I arrived late (again) but I did catch a few tricks and how to dos from the lesson. I know for sure, I have no flare for this. I doubt that if Koujee spend a week training me, I could make even one decent sound. lols. All that will come out are spurts of saliva and well, nothing. lols

Okay, I'm exaggerating (source)

Anyways, I definitely DO NOT have the courage to even try. However, this little chit has balls I tell you!! She not only have the guts to try, heck she even beat the other boys in their little "battle". 

However, the mommy seems to be a little concerned about the appropriateness of girls learning beatbox. For me, hey, just go ahead. She has the talent and if she has the passion, all the better. Music is for all. If I were the girl, I would've beg mommy to pay the RM150 per month just so I can have a one-on-one class with him. I mean, whole one hour alone with the cutie ~ where else can I get the chance?

Koujee's little antics in class.

Koujee's future apprentices? 
If you wonder whether or not you can make awesome sounds like these guys,

Koujee and Doomic

Koujee and Abeatc

or if you already know how and want to learn even much, much more go and check yourself in 

Music Walk,
Music Star Centre,
No 27-1, 1st Floor,
Jalan USJ 10/1, (Taipan)
47620 Subang Jaya.

The class starts at RM150 (beginner),
One hour for each lesson
Every Thursday
One-on-one class. 
you can contact the ever friendly consultant, Mr. Amos at 03-56332822 or 014-6248023 for more details.

Mr. Amos is the second one from the left. Yes, your left. 
Oh WAIT, u r not sure if u have the flare? or u are not sure if you like it? Or do you have doubts on Koujee's ability/credibility (eventhough u've seen his awesome videos and performances)? No sweat. Just pay up RM40 for registration fee and you'll receive one lesson for FREE. 

But, you'll need this flyer for that.
yes, i know. it's a horrible pic. but just as long as u get the idea.
Don't have it? Quickly go to Music Walk and get it!! Hurry before the offer ends!


Guess what? Guess What?? (jumping around giddy-ly with excitement) I got an exclusive video from Koujee Beatbox. Hehe~ You'll only see this video here on Brat's blog. How cool is that!!!! I am SOO going to do this more~ hahah~~ Here you go. a little demo from Koujee himself for Awesome!!

So cute leh~~ haha.
Coincidentally, we were both wearing black and red so, CAMWHORING time!!

Lols~~ With this excitement in the air, the Brat is signing off.

p/s: I think I better stick to guitar lessons for now :p



  1. ^_^.v.. I love BeatBoxing.. hm,later at home baru open balik dis page.. cannot open video lo d ofis..

  2. Can u do it?? hehe. Thanks! Really appreciate it :)

  3. naah,beatboxing for me is like playing guitar without string.. none of the voice cameout.. but I do love to listen to it.. Hahaha..

  4. lols~ that means we're on the same boat. but who knows, Koujee promised me a special class... maybe after this I can~ hehe. (I told him after the fasting month coz this month my saliva is quite precious.. lols)

  5. hey,y don't U try beatboxing,by a glass.. no,cup.. hehehe.. as long as U can hear the voice.. best tau,boleh buat sebelum tidur setiap hari.. ^_^.v.. The technique was all about rhythm and timing.. tapi aku tak suke air liur betaboo,kecuali waktu aku becakap.. ^_^.v..

  6. u always do tht? buat sebelum tidur lg~ Mesti your roommate pening kepala... hehe. kalo bcakap air liur bertaboo suke yeh? lols :p

  7. Is rm150 per lesson or per month ?

    1. When I wrote this, it was per month.
      Kindly contact the school for more information.
      Mr. Amos at 03-56332822 or 014-6248023

  8. one month can master ? I have some basic already =)



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