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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How about Each A Cup??

Alright2~ Enough controversies... it's soo... *Yawwwnnnn*. Now to the real deal,

How about treating yourselves Each A Cup?

lols~ I love the weird name.

But what I loved even more is their

Mocha Ice Blended with Pearl Topping~

Simply Scrumptious. Sedap wooo~~ Meleleh ayaq liuq~ hehe.

I always have a thing for mocha blended. But out of all the places I've tried (including Starbucks and Old Town White Coffee), Each A Cup offers the best yet!!

They don't only have Mocha in their menu of course, there's a lot more ranging from tea to coffee to fruits and even milkshake and smoothies. Plus, they only used the finest and the healthiest ingredients for their product. How about that? Not a bad deal huh?

They have such a cute store concept. I loved the feel and look of the whole store. They even have such a cute website!!! Go Check it out -

I only know it now, but apparently they already have numerous of outlets throughout Malaysia. The one I visited was in Wangsa Walk. I happened to work around there for a freelance job in creative writing and happened to drop by. You can see the list of their outlets HERE.

I'm not paid to do this review. I just liked the taste. I haven't strayed you wrong yet did I?  :)

Have a nice day everyday alls,
The Brat,


  1. I like each a cup too but never try their ice blended, I only drink normal fruits flavor tea or milk tea. And I normally don't go for pearl because I hate when I finish the drink there is still pearl in my cup, you don't have the same problem huh?

  2. I love the pearls. Even if there are extras left. Sometimes I even ask for extra pearl :) Yups crazy-pearly-me. Hehe. Anyway, you should try the blended - coffee and chocolate range.. it's awesome!!



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