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Friday, July 8, 2011

Yellow is the new Controversy color

I think most of you (Malaysian) know or have heard of the Bersih 2.0 event happening tomorrow (9/7/2011). Personally, I couldn't care less about the event. I do not support it and I do not go against it either. I took the more irresponsible option - Feigning ignorance.

However, I find that as it gets closer, this issue keeps on getting on my nerve. May it be because of the very negative light that the government was forcing on to the event, the useless and intrusive as well as annoying roadblocks the police are announcing to have or the adamant, hard-headed supporters or organizers who just refuse to see that what they are planning to do IS intrusive and annoying to the common rakyat.

I agree that the message Bersih was meant to sent is a good one - and it should be made into practice. but, just like when there's a huge concert or Jom Heboh or F1 or an international football match, it would definitely create MASSIVE traffic jam, and not to mention become something that would inconvenience the people around the area. Events that includes participation from  a lot of people is NEVER without any disturbance/chaos/incident - especially when the emotion runs high.Of course road block is not going to help the situation AT ALL.

On both sides, there are too much propaganda. 

I agree that this kind of even could cause chaos, panic as well as shading a negative light on the country but what's with the over emphasis on BERSIH being KOTOR and those third-rate propaganda-stink ads on TV that makes people even more annoyed? Please, have you never listened to wise people saying? "The greatest pleasure in life is doing things people say you can't do" or "makin dilarang makin menjadi". Please, grow up. The people is already SO SICK of you hogging the mainstream media to yourselves. Ads such as that really won't help. It would just fuel and enrage people more.

On the other side, videos were posted to highlight the Government incompetence/ mistakes or law enforcers making arrest runs around in viral. Ok, so some of the arrest have no basis whatsoever, but what's with video that highlights about "Wawasan 2020" or "Food price increase" or "different PM different slogan" or "Church Bombing" or how BN had been ruling have to do with Bersih's main objective? It makes people wonder isn't this just another tool for the opposition for their benefit? In other words, another propaganda.

I support Bersih's objective, and I think the government should too. But seeing the media play by both sides - mainstream by the government and alternative by the organizers/supporters, I decide that this is just WRONG. Seriously, this is the very reason I proclaimed myself as being ignorant.

This is one of the video that had been moving around the net. The very reason why I was prompted to write this definitely-gong-to-be-provocative post.

I know I'm gonna sound like I am taking the govt side. But I'm not. I'm stating the thoughts I have as I was watching it.

1st, it's weird someone who is claiming to 'love' the country has yet to have an i/c (he said i/c belum bikin)and is using a passport instead and unfortunately I don't quite understand half of what he's saying to be sure of the reason.

2nd, the police were doing their job. People were crowding and cars are slowing down due to the incident and congesting the ever-so-always congested kl street. He's done nothing wrong but the result of his action were intrusive to others.

3rd, The chubby police was wrong for taking the ID when he promised not to do so, but I think that is because his superior or colleague were asking for it. But still he should have stand true to his promise. And he was being too impolite in dealing with the old man (like raising voice and ignoring the old man's rant). The other one was much more calm and that looks a lot better than ignoring or forcing.

Take note that I despise the corruption in law enforcers more than anything else. BUT I also despise people who would not even consider to listen and those who ignores other people hardwork and keeps on pointing out their mistake. Yes, police are swamped with corruption and yes, it needs to be corrected but it is also a fact that they work twice or more harder than any average person. Please just name me one person who is alive now that had NEVER done any mistake. Try to be a bit understanding will you?

Oh my. this has suddenly become a long post. I'll retire now. Sorry if I offend anyone. Oh well~ whether u agree or disagree, this is just another piece of my opinion. 

The long-has-been-ignorant brat with opinion,

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