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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Malaysia's Tiger vs Singapore's Lion

First and foremost I would like to apologize to hardcore, die-hard football fans who was unable to get the tickets to see our football team play that night, because I GOT IT!!!! Muahahahahahaha (EVIL laugh) 
We Were There!!! ~~

Okay, I am not too much of football fan. I have to admit, but in terms of my support and enthusiasm for our Malaysian team, I am pretty sure I lost to no one. 

Let me outline this first, I am VERY VERY proud with Malaysian football team last night. They lost, yes definitely but they did their very best. They are young, and inexperienced, and perhaps a little unlucky but the first lost doesn't make it the end. I am sure, with time, they will mold beautifully and have another chance in World Cup one day. So to Harimau Malaya, don't give up and continue your good work. 

For Malaysia~
Truth is, none of what I am about to say next is news. Everyone would've already know by now that we lost with aggregate 6-4 to Singapore and the match on last night, 28th July 2011 ended with a tie 1-1. 

Many of you might have witnessed, gotten annoyed or heard of the countless injuries the opponent claimed to receive every other 10 minute. Seriously, from the striker to the mid and even the goalie all had at least once claimed to be injured. There were at least 5 stretcher being pulled out to aid them and then the players seemed to be able to continue the game with no problem. What is more hilarious is that they attacked and bump into our players yet, they were the one who were sprawling on the ground. 

But that's okay, because it was part of the strategy. They won't lose anything if the time is lost. Winning is the most paramount. Sportsmanship? Hell with that. It may make you look good, but it won't bring you to the World Cup. Sorry if anyone disagrees, but it's just how it is. It is already a well known and old age trick. Every other team on the higher step tend to result to that. Heck, if we have the upper hand, we might do the same, and perhaps even worse. 

Furthermore, besides the time-lagging strategy, nothing else they did was in anyway wrong. They played fair, they played hard and with vast experience at hand, they won - fair and square. So what if they have imported players? That is the standard if we want to play in the world cup. If we can't beat a few imported, experienced player, do you think we'll have any chance with teams that are full of only that (foreign, experienced players)? That shouldn't be any excuse. We lost. that's it. To Singapore team, Congratulation on the win :)

That aside, what I wanted to share was this. As I walked into the stadium and looked up from where I stand. I saw this~~

Sea of yellow and blue all over the stadium!! The overwhelming support. I was shocked, and proud at the same time by the number of people that turned out that day. It was a magnificent sight to behold. Seriously. This is a sight we usually see only in International football stadium. This time, it was in Malaysia. I felt a little bit bigger with proud-ness last night.

The spirit can be seen everywhere. The sea of people was well, suffocating. (I still don't like to be in a large crowd like this. But for the sake of this time, I tough it up~) But it was soooo interesting and the vibe was good~~


There are three things that I am not proud off. In fact, I am ASHAMED that it would be done by the people who called themselves Malaysian. I left home feeling shrunk because of this. 

1st - BOOO-ing other's national anthem.
It's okay to feel rivalry, it's good to support your team, but WHY THE HELL did you BOO other country's national anthem? Didn't you learn manners at all your whole life? That was SO RUDE and SO UNCIVILIZED. What are you? monkeys in the zoo? It's common manners to respect other people's believe and culture. How could you boo and disrespect them? How do you feel if people do that to our National Anthem? Last time when Indonesians burned our flags you got angry didn't you? Then why are you acting EXACTLY like that??? 

2nd - Laser play.
OH COME ON!! didn't your learn already? Stop making us, the rest of Malaysian ashamed with such antics. Let's win or lose while playing fair okay? Our team is not so weak that they need you to play dirty like that. Stop making them look like a sorry ass team. Yes YOU, the one who played with lasers. You make our football team look like SORRY ASSES. You ARE NOT HELPING. 

3rd - Throwing bottles and plastic cups and flares
Are you MENTALLY IMPAIRED or just plain STUPID? Tak boleh fikir ke? tak ada otak??? There were kids and family and PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS, down there. What if the bottle you throw hit a kid or anyone? What if they bleed to death? (okay, I'm exaggerating, but it could happen.) What do you get when you throw it? Puas hati sangat ke? Don't you have any civic realization? Are you donkeys that don't know where they should throw their shit? Seriously if I was at the upper stand and you were standing next to me, I would have "accidentally" elbowed you sampai senak. Who do you think will look bad? There were reporters all around from EVERYWHERE. It was telecasted LIVE for the whole world to see. Go have your brain checked. You might have a chronic mental desease since you can't even think that logically. 

I may not be a total football enthusiast or kaki bola, heck, I am no sport enthusiast either. But if being an enthusiast means I'd have to behave like uncivilized clot and forfeit my God-given-brain to think, then I am glad I'm not. Oh, you guys who did nothing wrong, please just ignore my sarcasm and rudeness. Those who feel angry, or felt insulted, it probably means I struck a nerve, hehe~ mungkin sebab tergigit cili kot?? Siapa makan cili, dia lah terasa pedasnya kan~~~ Sila terasa, sekian terima kasih.

I may just be another female and I may just be a brat. But that doesn't make me wrong,
Brat with Opinions, 


  1. You went? My boyf couldnt get the ticktes heh I bet the atmosphere in the stadium that night is epic! :D I'm proud of our national team as well, they've did their very best!

  2. Yup, I did. and it WAS SUPER EPIC. Despite everything, I'm glad I was there~

  3. i was there,,,,where's my picture??? ahaks :p

  4. errrrr~ Good luck in finding yourself amongst all the people there~ ahahaha~



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